What is worthy of attention and highlight is that URGEHAL’s latest album “Aeons In Sodom” contains a plethora of guest appearances from headstones of the extreme sound. Some of those are Nocturno Culto (DARKTHRONE), Hoest (TAAKE), Niklas Kvarforth (SHINING), Nattefrost (CARPATHIAN FOREST) and Nag (TSJUDER). The reason behind this choice made by the band is that their guitarist and lead singer Trond “Trondr Nefas” Bråthen passed away unexpectedly in 2012.

“Aeons in Sodom” is introduced by a live performance where Nefas’ voice can be heard one last time. “The Iron Children” is all about sharpness and fierce drumming as well as “Blood of Legion” which stands out for its razor-sharp riffs and ferocious tempos. “The Sulphur Black Haze” switches from fast tempos to slow ones while the vocals of Hoest, being first in line, do a magnificent job in leading this ‘back and forth’.

Niklas Kvarforth’s contributes actively and in a brilliant way to the grueling picture this album creates by his vocal lines on “Norwegian Blood and Crystal Lakes.” Nattefrost’s appearance on “Endetid” fits perfectly to his black metal background and identity enriching the track in its blasting as well as its melodic side.

It’s an album solid and well-manufactured, capturing perfectly the atmosphere in memory of Trond fulfilling its commemorative goal. Perfection is close to be attained considering the context and effort put in this album but it does not reach this level; overall, a marvelous creation and definitely an unforgettable bestowal of music to the extreme sound.

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