I’ve talked about the Greek metal scene again and again. All the good and bad things that happen. The fake support, the stubbing on the back. And yet I hear an album like this from a band with great history and I shut my mouth and enjoy. After all, that’s why I love this music, it can take your troubles away for a little or maybe more. Six years after their last album, INNERWISH return with, as it seems, their best release so far!

Ok, I know! It’s something usual and not always true to say, but for me this is one of the greatest albums I’ve heard the last couple of years, baring in mind that I turned away from this sound (power metal) and very few bands continue to impress me. Only time will tell if it can take a place in my heart forever.

The album starts with a big bang. “Roll The Dice”, is the perfect opener, heavy as hell, it’s one of those songs that you hear as children and never forget. “Broken”,continues were the previous stopped. Both, having great refrain lines that can stick in your mind very easily. Next comes one of my personal favorites. “Modern Babylon”, is too heavy and a bit more groovy (my reason to love it). With a damn good refrain and the proof that this band can write old style songs, but with a modern perspective. “Machines Of Fear”, comes to complete the heavy assault, the band decided to serve us. Slower than the first three songs, but also with a great epic refrain (I sound very recurrent, but that’s the TRUTH).

Now “Needles In My Mind”, became instantly one of those songs that I will never stop or get bored to listen to and one of the best songs this band has ever written, in my humble opinion. Listen to it and sing it out loud. “My World On Fire”, reminds me a bit of BRAINSTORM, but this doesn’t make it a bad or copy song, even for a second. “Rain Of A Thousand Years”, was the first song they released from this record. A great song, with an amazingly good middle section change. Those acoustic guitars and then the heavy break is truly great!

“Serenity”, has some eastern forms that can catch your attention and a more progressive feeling to it. Well time for something more classic. “Sins Of The Past”, calls out ACCEPT form a mile away and only in a good way. Heavy, groovy but also a bit atmospheric with those well placed synths, “Through My Eyes” is a song that evolves to something very beautiful and full of emotions and the same goes for “Zero Ground”. Closer to the end “Cross The Line” is the ballad of the album. A song with a very personal feeling, that can’t leave anyone untouched. And as for the last one, “Tame The Seven Seas”, has some NIGHTWISH ingredients, in its recipe, which makes it a glorious closing track of this masterpiece album.

Six years is, surely, a long time but it definitely worth the wait. The band is like they’ve have been reborn. And with the addition of George Eikosipentakis on vocal duties, the result is elevated even more. The production is crystal clear to its detail and has the proper volume. As for the band, I’ve already mentioned George, but everyone is doing their parts at the best and the outcome sounds as one big thing.

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