Well, finally, the time for another raid from these beard blond Vikings has come. It’s not difficult to predict what you should expect to hear, but when AMON AMARTH release a new album, surely is not something may you pass lightly. Although their previous past releases were surely great albums, in some way they were quite similar. But now with “Jomsviking” (also their first concept album) the scene changes a lot.

If you’d ask me whether this change is good or bad, then I would answer positively, in the end. Yes, the album has the classic AMON AMARTH moments, with the aggression they used us (First Kill, On A Sea Of Blood) but here we have some new ideas (One Thousand Burning Arrows, A Dream That Cannot Be) that give the impression of a band that wants to evolve but not stray that much from their sound they’re known for and the sound that we’ve loved them for, all these years.

Among the highlights, I could surely name “First Kill” and the “Wanderer” for its mid tempo yet addictive rhythm. “At Dawn’s First Light” would follow with the epic riff on the chorus lines. Unfortunately, there also are some bad moments. “Raise Your Horns” and “Vengeance Is My Name” are the songs I happen to like less on the album. The first one for it’s simplicity for an AMON AMARTH song and the second because it’s like a rock song cover. We have those moments, though, of epic greatness. Just listen “The Way Of The Vikings” or even better “One Thousand Burning Arrows” and “Back On Northern Shores” and you will instantly know what I’m talking about. “A Dream That Cannot Be” is also another surprise, with the participation of DORO on a “singing conversation” with Hegg. A song that didn’t like at first listen, but eventually became a unique moment of this album, for me.

With “Jomsviking”, AMON AMARTH continues the long line of good quality albums. Their first concept attempt is also above good standards. They do not disappoint even a bit and they are not afraid to take some new steps towards new musical directions. A job well done for the Vikings of our hearts. Hope they raid our shores soon! Skål !

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