PLANET OF ZEUS is a band not in need of introduction.Their songs and albums are well known to the Greek fans as well as the rest of Europe, since they have roamed all over the continent, making everybody screaming their name, drinking beers and dancing till they drop and wake up dead! After three successfull albums (“Eleven The Hard Way”, “Macho Libre” and “Vigilante”) their upcoming album ”Loyal To The Pack” will be released on the 6th of May in Greece and on the 13th to the rest of the world via ihaveadrumrecords.From what we can read through their official site, PLANET OF ZEUS have already announced a celebration live on the 7th of May in Athens, along with LIONIZE (coming from Maryland USA) for the promotion of the new album, so get ready!

The album starts with a bad-ass riff and Babis (guitar,vocals) screaming his lungs out. The whole band sound in great shape and mood, its a strong razor sharp PLANET OF ZEUS-like song, that we’ll all expect to listen. Next track ”Devil calls my name” is a solid rock ‘n’ roll song and you can already feel the taste of cold beer and the smell ofburning sausages. Great song. They slow down a bit on ”Them nights” to pick the speed up on ”Little Deceiver ”. Heavier guitars, kickass drumming, great job on bass and of course vocals, that tight them all up. Fifth in turn, ”Your love makes me wanna hurt myself”, will be the next hit from this album. A standard PoZ song with their signature sound. ”Retreat”, slows down a bit, showing the growth and evolution of the band, together with the ability to compose great rock’ n’ roll songs the way PoZ have used us to.

Next one ”Sea Bastards”, has a catchy rhythm, that sticks in your head and I also like how the band sounds so fresh and fancy to jam and have fun playing fucking rock’ n’ roll ! Time to speed up as ”White Shroud”, takes its turn and fills my speakers. Heavy and full with bad – ass attitude and grit and so does the next one ”Scum” which is a fast, full of anger and awesomeness, heavy metal song. Concerning ”Indian Red” slows down the rhythm, with a catchy heavy riff, that brings you on the verge of slowly banging your neck, while ”Athens” a slow instrumental theme that is used as an outro, can’t see any reason why but wtf maybe PoZ intended to conclude the album this way.

Do not make the mistake comparing “Loyal To The Pack” with their past albums. PLANET OF ZEUS, is a great band and has progressed greatly far so to leave behind labels like stoner or southern rock! That never quite suit them, to be honest. We’re talking about a source of pure energy. A heavy metal band that makes decent music, for decent listeners! Very well performed, with lots of care in production. Everyone ”Loyal to the pack” will surely agree with me, this album is heavy as hell, and must be played loud! Can’t wait to see them perform live! Well done guys!

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