WOMAN IS THE EARTH consists of three members, Jon Martin(drums,vocals,chants), Andy Martin(guitars,bass effects) and Jarrod Hattervig (guitars,vocals). The project, based on Black Hills of South Dakota, started in 2007 and have already had three full length releases. Their previous release ”Depths” is what made me want to listen more from them.Though, their music’s nothing more than a typical black metal album, in the familiar, raw and straight forward sound of American Black metal bands like Ash Borer, Fell Voices and Wolves in the Throne Room, they yet have a unique way of playing and unfolding their songs.

Their latest release ”Torch Of Our Final Night” is a full length album, which will be out in stores through Init Records on April 15th, and it is their most mature and incredible work, so far.The self titled track, has already being released so you can check it out. First track ”Triumph of the sun” is actually an intro quickly followed by ”Brother of black smoke”, a dark and blistering black metal song, that shows the progress the band has made both musically and production-wise. Next song ”Broken hands” is one of the best black metal songs I’ve heard, this year. With various changes from grinding blast-beats, to slow tempo rhythms and atmospheric parts, shows the bond and stability of a band in progress. Next comes ”Sorrow and the floods”, highly distorted and beautifully played, giving its place to the title track ”Torch of our final night”, a strong and powerful song.

Concluding, the album closes with an instrumental track, ”Lungcrusher”, leaving you with bitterness, that the album has already come to an end. Can’t forget to mention, that they make their own production, recording and artwork, only this time they have James Plotkin (Khanate) to master the sound of the album. Overall, a very strong release, that gives promise to more and even better albums. Be sure to check them out, this is a band to remember and search for.

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