Over the years some bands fade away. At first sounding so promising, but in the process, they become a shadow of themselves. In other cases, they just have a period of silence and then release an album, leaving you with an open mouth, wondering where the hell they have been for so long. Fortunately, SORROWFUL ANGELS, belong to the second category. And their third album “Remedie” comes to seal this quote.

Dark and melancholic, “Remedie”, brings forth the most melodic side of the band. They still have all these elements of their own sound, but this time they took it two steps forward. Adding more progressive elements, but also with some more extreme metal shots, they made this album difficult not to get hooked with. “Witchunt” and Shatterbox” are examples, of a band that knows its sound for good. The melodies, are flowing throughout the entire album and they seem like one big song. That doesn’t mean that the band is repeating itself. The proof of that can be heard on “Resonate My Senses”, “Dream In Black”, “Against The Dying Of Light” and “A Question Of Pride”. Four songs, that give even more dimensions to the album. Sometimes ,with their doom intros like in “Resonate…”, and some other times with their blast beats and keyboards like in “Dream…” (one of the highlights of the album) and others with their atmospheric parts like the two last I’ve mentioned.

“Ghost Of Concrete” is a direct heavy song, bringing their Sentenced and Poisonblack influences, on surface. “Leap Of Faith”, begins with some atmospheric synths and evolves to a heavy crescendo. And for some unknown reason, I find myself having a special “love” for “Immaculate My Senses”. Its melody stuck in my brain, from the first time.

If I should talk if there are flaws on this album, I would say that it happens to have two to mention. And those two are part only of my personal taste and not of some general truth. I would prefer Dion’s vocals a bit more harsh and the sound of the album some levels heavier. Other than that, “Remedie”, is an album that has its own identity and can offer quality music time, for the listeners.

Maybe I say it too often, but a few bands bring something new to the metal scene. From my point of view, this is not the thing that matters the most. Good music is the important thing that matters and yes, SORROWFUL ANGELS released a very good and beautiful album, full of dark melodies. Mission accomplished.

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