Well, Canada’s most influential heavy/speed metallers are back! Ask any thrash metal band you’d like! ANVIL, after a series of difficulties, and the well-received “Anvil: the story of Anvil” documentary, have gathered the spotlight on them once more, by releasing quality albums and staying true to what they’ve always stood for. Now, they’ve returned once again with a new album, called “Anvil Is Anvil“.

Kicking in with the pirate-anthem “Daggers And Rum”, ANVIL, shows their good shape by throwing headbanging riffage in our faces. Speeding things up with “Up, Down, Sideways”, a heavy metal track the razor-sharp Canadian way, and I love how audible the bass is, on this one. “Gun Control”, brings back the heaviness factor, with its heavy-as-fuck riffs. “Die For A Lie”, brings back the speed, sure to cause mosh pits whenever it’s played, and with a really catchy chorus courtesy of Mr. Lips! “Runaway Train”, couldn’t be something less than a full-speed ahead track, with this sort of title, and that’s exactly what we get. Time for the haunting groove and atmosphere of “Zombie Apocalypse” to balance things once more. It’s time for some rock n roll with “It’s Your Move”, giving us another familiar face of Anvil: the pure rockin’ one, that comes out of endless jamming. Back to the heavy mid-tempo stuff with “Ambushed” and “Fire On The Highway” and Robb Reiner double-kicking, his way through our ears. The killer speedy opening of “Run Like Hell” and the anthem mid-tempo feel of “Forgive Don’t Forget”, brings more Canadian-style metal, ending the album in style!

As a general comment, I love the jam feel of every song on this album, gives you the “let’s rock the place to the ground” kind of feeling. “Anvil is Anvil”, and will always be ANVIL. End of story.

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