The eighth album of the German torrential blackened speed/thrash metallers DESASTER is released. A band that has a respected past – dating back to 1993 – and a bright future.

Speed, surprise and excitement and some of the qualities in DESASTER’s music. Blowing us away in a constant change of vibe and pace. “Proclamation in Shadows” is a bit slower than someone would expect of DESASTER but still aggressive with a smoldering atmosphere. “The Cleric’s Arcanum”, “End of Tyranny” and “Damnatio Ad Bestias” are more old school in speed and energy terms blasting sharp and fast riffs.

DESASTER have always managed to master the long-lasting tracks of each album, constituting them the most memorable, complete and solid compositions. One of these examples is “Tyrannizer” (from “Satan’s Soldier Syndicate”) where Alan Nemtheanga Averill (PRIMORDIAL) performs the guest vocals. “Haunting Siren” being this album’s longest track offers melodic passages of bells and whistles providing a break from the blackened thrash ‘attack’ and groovy melodies and riffs. The second longest track “At the Eclipse of Blades” bears a powerful melodic atmosphere of slower pace but magnified grandiose.

This band is not about constant reinvention of their music and outdoing themselves; they are rather about familiar and quality sounds keeping their identity – doing what they do best in their unique way. That is to say, this album bears no new elements; only masterful, loyal-to-tradition compositions. The only ‘flaw’ in “The Oath of an Iron Ritual” is the fact that it was preceded by one of my personal favourites “The Arts of Destruction”. Nevertheless, a solid album that will intrigue anyone with a taste towards good quality black thrash music.

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