Having already two very good and interesting albums released, PHASE REVERSE are back with their brand new album. The third album of any band is said to be the most important and mature. “Phase III: Youniverse”, comes as yet another proof, of this theory. The southern heavy metal band from Athens is more confident, stable and heavier than they ever were.

The album consists of twelve tracks and as far as I’m concerned, none of them can be considered as filler. With approximately 55 minutes of running time, in which the band showcases its ability, to mix influences from bands like PANTERA, BLACK LABEL SOCIETY and MONSTER MAGNET, with their own style in such a way, that the outcome is familiar to our ears, but also equally fresh and unique, at the same time.

“Downfall”, opens the album with an acoustic intro followed by a groovy riff from Chief’s guitar. Together with Alex’s slamming drums, the thick basslines of Kostas Dragon-K and Takis Mark’s deep voice, the song is a perfect opener that prepares you for a great album. Coming up next, “Theory Of Strain”, has a slight progressive rock twist while “Milgram” leans a bit towards the alternative metal of GODSMACK and DISTURBED. The title track features a catchy “Scott Ian meets Dimebag Darell” riff, while the big surprise comes with “Moiroloi” and its trippy and hypnotizing melody. The song has its roots to the traditional Greek music’s pentatonic scale and makes a perfect match, with the DOWN inspired “Acheron’s Deep”, that follows. The southern vibes become more intense, in the following songs before “Time Reverses Time” kicks in, with its soothing 70’s psychedelic acoustic melody leading to an electric outburst, and finally fading away, the same way it started. Finally, the album closes with “Synesthesia”, that even features beautiful violin sounds on its outro.

All in all, “Phase III: Youniverse”, is the band’s best effort to date. A strong, diverse and alluring album, that you will enjoy from the first note to the last. Definitely, one of the best releases coming from the Greek metal scene.

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