In 2007, Kreator and Celtic Frost did a gig together at Gagarin 205. The opening act, back then, was a small band called SUICIDAL ANGELS. Mille Petrozza, himself, loved that band so much, he asked them to wear a t-shirt of theirs, during the “Flag Of Hate”/”Tormentor” encore. That was just the beginning of many great things to come. Signing with Nuclear Blast, taking part in festivals, tours with some of the greatest bands in metal, SUICIDAL ANGELS have become a landmark for a new era of Greek thrash metal, sparking the flame for more bands in the 2000s than they could ever imagine.

Their new album “Division Of Blood” comes with another line up change: Chris Tsitsis being replaced by Gus Drax (Sunburst, Biomechanical, Black Fate etc.). “Capital Of War”, shows the Sodom influences once more, crushing everything in its path, not going full speed yet. That’s being done by the partly mid-tempo “Division Of Blood” and the razor-sharp thrashers “Eternally To Suffer”, “Image Of The Serpent” that leave you begging for the Greek riff masters, to have mercy upon your neck, since it’s being snapped by their sheer brutality.

Things get a bit more melodic and technical, with “Set The Cities On Fire” and “Frontgate” (what an amazing mid-section), that still destroy. As in all of the songs, Gus Drax, shows his extremely high technique and solo-writing skills, proving that he was chosen as the best of the best, for Suicidal Angels. Highly melodic, giving the songs exactly what they need to be top-of-the-top material. “Bullet In A Chamber”, is probably the most melodic song on the album (in the vein of “Control The Twisted Mind” but shorter) yet still devastating everything, that crosses its path. “Cold Blood Murder”, brings back the extreme aggression of the band, with every riff murdering a small part of our neck, in small pieces. “Of Thy Shall Bring The Light”, is the slowest and most technical song of the album, jamming lots of different riffs in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. After that, 6-7 minutes of silence and we’re lead to a melodic outro that is simply AMAZING, like a calm after the storm type of thing.

Thirty-five minutes of brutal, relentless, technical and mature thrash metal. SUICIDAL ANGELS, are the worthy successors to the blood-red Slayer throne. Simple as that. Just press play and…WELCOME TO THE NIGHTMARE!

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