Germany has been the country of origin, for a lot of new, as well as relatively new metal bands. THRANENKIND is one of them. They formed back in 2008 releasing a demo called “Eine Momentaufnahme, Der Rest ist nur Einsamkeit” and a split release with HERETOIR “Wiedersehen – unsere Hoffnung”, were released.Their debut album, is entitled “The Elk”. The logical succession to “The Elk”, developed in an advanced artistic level – atmosphere, melody, emotion and ‘meaningful’, yet subtle riffing, which can also be found on their new album “King Apathy”.

Opening track “Desperation”, is very melodic in its second half, while “King Apathy”, is comprised of sentimental passages, full of melody. Post and post-black metal riffing, reign in their compositions, constituting them as having their unique identity. “Urban Giants”, shows some doom elements and the pace is faster and more energetic than the rest of the album; the breaks and alternation make up a very complete and diverse part of the album.

A depressive tone is introduced by “Drifter”, which is more melancholic and intense, than the rest of the songs on the album. “Smokestacks And Concrete Walls”, introduces a dreamy yet melancholic feeling, which is painted by post-rock and post-black metal riffs, followed by faster intermissions, so melodic, that reminded me of ALCEST, and their unique sound. The first three minutes of “Vanishing Youth” do not attest to the heightened -turn of the turns- a gradual build up that leads in harmony to the conclusion of “King Apathy”.

I highly recommend THRANENKIND, to those who are not yet familiar with these German post-black metallers. THRANENKIND, could be described as composing post-black metal lullabies for adults, full of emotional layers, melodies and images of soothing soundscapes, at least to my ears. And that is exactly what is being pulled off here, a playground of sounds, innocent yet melancholic, romantic but dark in their own way. See/listen for yourselves!

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