I’ve always been quite cautious, when I saw anything that reminded me of another old band, on a new band that’s up and going. Yes, Americans VEKTOR, have a strange similarity with Canadians VOIVOD, as far as their logos are concerned. Maybe also to the foundation of their music core, which is limit-less progressive music.

What makes them far more separated from every other band though, is direction. VEKTOR, on their third release, “Terminal Redux” actually set the standards, for any other band, that plays progressive metal to another level of inspiration and blending.

Atmospheric parts, acoustic guitars and space-clad soundscapes, blend together with frantic thrash metal riffing –CORONER approved- while long lasting instrumentals, within the songs, and some of them actual songs, give another essence to what an entity of an album it really is.

The production, gives way for the thrash elements to shine a bit more, in comparison to all the other elements that complete the music included within the songs of “Terminal Redux”. Although, this mix, gives another  great cool-ness to the outcome!

VEKTOR, play on their own terrain but unfortunately, their terrain will always be quite difficult for the masses to follow.

“Terminal Redux”, though, should be considered amongst the three top releases of progressive metal, for the year 2016. Stunning compositions, total accuracy and the great element of surprise, surely places them to the pantheon of the genre.

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