Do you ever get hit by a record and know right off the first notes, that it is going to be one of the tops of the year? Such was the case with “Mariner”. Though I wasn’t familiar of JULIE CHRISTMAS‘ s previous work, but I really dug CULT OF LUNA, on this release the two artists come together to put out something truly unique.

Mariner” stands as an evolution for post metal, and everything that has come out before, with delicate vocals amongst “Lunar” soundscapes, beautiful songwriting, and the combination of sounds on this record, place it to the top interesting collaborations ever on this genre, so far.

The styles of both parties, sound perfectly combined, JULIE CHRISTMAS’s angelic vocals enrich to the maximum the monolithic tones of CULT OF LUNA.. The beauty of this album lies in its contrasts. The massive sounds of CULT OF LUNA in opposition to the much more melodic approach of JULIE CHRISTMAS. It’s easy to get lost in this record, far too easy in fact. They both managed to cultivate an absolutely unique sounding release.

“Mariner” stands flawless on all sections, music, art, production, collaboration and uniqueness. I’m almost certain it will also stand the test of time, though this is something to look up, in the future. Mariner is one of the best albums of 2016. Give it a try!

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