We’ve had the interview with Andrea Ferro posted some time ago, so now it’s time to place LACUNA COIL‘s brand new album “Delirium”, under the microscope. One of Century Media’s most beloved bands and one of the most popular and hard-working bands in the atmospheric/gothic metal genre.

“Delirium”, kicks in with “The House Of Shame”, one of the heaviest songs ever written by LACUNA COIL (almost a black metal feel to that intro), ending to a killer chorus with Cristina Scabbia, showing how she has matured vocal-wise, through the years. “Broken Things”, kicks in with a modern industrial groove to it, keeping the tone set from the opening track, including another great chorus. Time for a more upbeat catchy track, and a potential hit for the upcoming gigs, the title track “Delirium” with its very memorable chorus hook.

“Blood, Tears, Dust”, follows as another groovy song with a strong industrial feeling to it and some really catchy riffs, going into a beautiful chorus and a solo right after that. With the beat brought down on “Downfall” it gives you the sense of a dark power ballad, leaving room for the voices to shine through those beautiful harmonies between Christina and Andrea. One has to notice the way that the industrial elements create this bleak and sick atmosphere over the well-known LACUNA COIL sound. Children singing in the intro of “Take Me Home”, kicking in with the trademark groove of the album, with the bass taking control and taking us home (pun intended, our necks that is)!

The guitar intro of “You Love Me Cause I Hate You” brings back the aggressive vocals of Andrea, especially in the chorus, in one of the heaviest tracks on the album. The breakdown of “Ghost In The Midst” brings us a mid-tempo headbanging track with another great chorus, with a strong metalcore influence all over the place. The piano introduction of “My Demons”, turns into a djenty track with lots of headbanging groove for everyone and a top notch solo. “Claustrophobia” is another potential hit kicking in with the chorus sung a capella, and some great lead work. Closing the album on a groovy note, “Ultima Ratio” gives us the last chance to headbang with LACUNA COIL and enjoy Cristina’s voice.

LACUNA COIL delivered what’s probably their heaviest and most modern offering to date. A band that keeps its style intact while incorporating influences from the entire modern metal scene. Well done!

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