The horror story tellers are back. The duo from Germany delivers a dark horrific and epic album, full of inspired music. Knowing the band since their first album, back in 2004, I can say now, that they haven’t released a bad album, so far. Maybe, sometimes, not that good but definitely not a bad album. “The Unknown” comes to prove that and also set some higher standards.

Aside from the “traditional” intro, “From Wolf To Peacock” puts the listener straight to the point. Fast and epic, it gives a sweet anxious feeling about what’s coming next. One thing I noticed first is the production. It’s truly heavy, with depth that gives an amazing volume to the result. “The Kindred Of The Sunset”, has this oriental riff, that the band likes to use as a backbone to a song. Surely a song that can’t go unnoticed. Now the self-titled “Into The Unknown” song, which is one of my favorites. Epic, mysterious, horrific and surely one of the band’s best moments. The variety of what this band can do is really amazing. Proof of that, is “Ancient Heart”, a mid tempo song with a doom-ish riff giving a ritual feeling.

The speed is slowed down for a while, in “The Whine Of The Cemetery Hound”, giving this chilling doom feeling that they’ve mastered, and finishing fast and loud again. With “How Deep Lies Tartaros?” you can actually picture it and see how deep it is. Damn, I could say it again and again. These guys know how to write songs. “Who May Oppose Me?” is a slow melodic intro for “The Fragrancy Of Soil Unearthed” that follows. I can say for sure that this one my personal favorite. I could describe it with some terms I used for other songs, but I don’t want to. I prefer to hear it again once more and leave it up to you.The fantastic music accompanies an equal fantastic cover made by Dan Seagrave (respect). Yes, that same man who did “Altars Of Madness” (Morbid Angel), “Left Hand Path” (Entombed) and “Like An Ever Flowing Stream” (Dismember) just to name a few.

Whether you like to call it horror metal, dark metal or soundtrack metal, the fact is that THE VISION BLEAK delivered a true treasure with tons of inspiration and no boundaries. A must have album for every metal-head.

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