Although the term “djent” has been attributed to be Meshuggah’s Thordendal invention, it took the tenacity of Misha “Bulb” Mansoor, a bedroom guitarist using virtual amp setups circa 2006, to bring this digital philosophy to the audiences, ranging from prog-lovers to casual listeners. For those unfamiliar with the genre, djent is that complex rhythm polymetric-based playing, heavily supported by the use of seven/eight-string guitars and in 2016, its current form, can’t be translated better than PERIPHERY’s latest release: “Periphery III: Select Difficulty”.

The Juggernauts’ latest release kicks in with the first single “The Price Is Wrong” with no room for clean-vocal ill talkers. “Motormouth” keep walking at the same aggressive pace settled by the trio guitarists Mansoor, Bowen and Holcomb and once it draws to a close, you get introduced to the first orchestral arrangement of the critically acclaimed gold track of the album (named accordingly) “Marigold”. Melody reign onwards to the beautifully shaped “The Way the News Goes…” where Halpern’s happy blastbeat butchering can’t leave choruses unnoticed while “Remain Indoors” synth pandemonium balances in between Sotelo’s sober and sporadic aggressive temperament.

Album folds in half with “Habitual Line-Stepper”, a track with one of my all-time personal favorite outros. The latter along with “Flatline” share one of Periphery’s noticeable writing formulas; second half of the songs is like being like a totally different, yet mellower track. Symphonicals and guitar pedalwork add greatly to the originality of this feature. Then, djent-y low frequencies of “Absolomb” surface, bringing the bass guitar in the first place, and I believe Getgood’s opportunity to co-produce this album contributed to this high level production standards. Without abandoning the low end trails, “Catch Fire” and groovy “Prayer Position” transcend to album’s final and so seductively atmospheric ballad “Lune”.

Overall, the first thing one notice is the shinny production which is ridiculously stunning. All layers and compositions are so diligently crafted, which might mistakenly trick listener that are midi-driven recordings. The guys once again created a memorable and interesting album, setting new music boundaries and this is far from obvious listening through their discography history. Every album is a leap from the precedent laid ground, setting themselves away from their peers. Periphery is the perfect example of talent and creativity meets originality of the art itself.

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