What’s up with 2016? A year full of metal releases that are above awesome and never ending…American thrashers TESTAMENT, have already proved their high quality after all these years of being present, admittedly through fire and stone. This year, they come back with their eleventh studio album “Brotherhood Of The Snake”. Let’s see what’s further going on in here in the lines that follow.

“Brotherhood…” actually, is the top thrash metal moment for 2016, not just for TESTAMENT, but for the genre itself. I don’t know from where to start, so I’ll have to give it up to Chuck’s vocal style. Maintaining his beautiful characteristic loud clean voice, that somehow turns to more melodic lines on this record, he surely gives a great performance throughout the album. Of course, there are some “Chuck” death metal growls at times, but he mainly uses his clean vocals.

Secondly, and absolutely prevailing to seminar levels is Gene Hoglan’s drumming combined with Steve di Giorgio’s bass lines. Hands down, there’s no record these guys have played that didn’t worth listening. Amazing. Absolutely inventing and wise drumming from occasional blast beats, to beautiful figures to double bass patterns. Together with the ultimate bass sound and lines, they build a tower on the background, building enough room for the guitars to attack with full mastery.

As for the guitar duet of Skolnick and Peterson, I really am out of words… Riff after riff, this album, is so full of music. The solos are amazing, their double melodies amazing, and believe me all classic mid 80s thrash style brought to nowadays. Even their sound is awesome. The guitars have this classic TESTAMENT sound but filtered through the whole history of the band. Atmospheric mid tempo passages really make the guitars sound great.  Some black metal riffing in the style of Peterson’s alter ego, DRAGONLORD also takes place (Centuries of Suffering, Black Jack).

I’ ll have to give all my kudos as well, to the perfect mixing of the album, that made the result sound modern but eighties at the same time. Balanced and clear. Great job indeed!

An album of inexhaustible inspiration, “Brotherhood Of The Snake”, will surely be considered amongst their top releases throughout their carrier, with many hooks and a lot of music to bang your head in it. Don’t hustle and go listen to the album.

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