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Pennsylvania, US hard rock band, CROBOT return with their second album called “Welcome To Fat City”. The band’s debut (“Something Supernatural” 2014) along with their amazing live performances had raised the interest of the classic rock listeners around the globe, but unfortunately, they can’t seem to take a step forward with their new effort.

The record includes eleven tracks that are rocking hard, featuring some blues and funk influences. Songs like “Play It Cool” and “Not For Sale” will probably become their new crowd pleasers. All songs are groovy and feature great vocals by the band’s singer Brandon Yeagley, whose voice is similar to that of Miles Kennedy. CROBOT draw their influences from legendary hard rock bands like LED ZEPPELIN, AEROSMITH, DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH but lack the distinguished melodies, the guitar players of these bands crafted, back in the seventies.

“I still can’t find a melody that would help them make their breakthrough to larger audiences.”

On the last track, “Plague Of The Mammoths”, their guitarist plays more like modern-day-rock music, making it work as an advantage for the band and maybe that should be the direction they should go next.

The sound of the album is excellent, a production of ‘Machine’ (CLUTCH, LAMB OF GOD), with the collaboration of Alan Moulder (FOO FIGHTERS, ARCTIC MONKEYS, PLACEBO and more) in the mixing process.

This is a fun record to listen to and I’m sure that the songs will be elevated when played live, but after listening to it for more than a dozen times, I still can’t find a melody that would help them make their breakthrough to larger audiences. I believe that this is a step back for the band, which should focus more on their song-writing process, if they want to make something that will be remembered in the years to follow.