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Who said that there is no black metal in Colombia? INQUISITION is the bright example that there is indeed black metal in Colombia and also fine one. Reaching the peak of their music, Colombian black metallers INQUISITION, have grown into one of the more profound and mature groups in the genre with a wide and multifaceted discography that is highly successful in captivating. With the two-man project offering a slight refining on their sound, their seventh album was originally released in August 2016 by Season of Mist.

Celestial and ritualistic are the characteristic elements that make them unique; the opening is dark and pompous followed by “From Chaos They Came” exploding from the speakers immediately giving up the INQUISITION-trademark vocals and guitar riff sequences. “Vortex from the Celestial Flying Throne of Storms” stands out because of its ferocious guitar attack to the ears and to the heart; the rhythm of the mid-paced parts of the vortex instilling its darkness to the mind.

“Dreamlike riffing and a sequence of tracks that aims to reveal a journey of sounds in their trademark style.”

Contrasting blasting sections meeting the slow-moving and head-nodding atmospheric passages is the epitome of the excitement and satisfaction that this duo brings, dressed masterfully with Dagon’s deep vocals. “A Black Aeon Shall Cleanse” has a triumphant tone which lays the ground for the dark ceremonial INQUISITION-style slow and atmospheric “The Flames of Infinite Blackness Before Creation”.  In a more death-metal vein, “Mystical Blood” lays itself substantially to impress continuing to “Through the Divine Spirit of Satan a Glorious Universe Is Known” which appears a bit more one-dimensional. The title song is one of the most majestic tracks INQUISTION have ever composed bringing all of the starry qualities of their identity in one.

This album stands out from the last one; the compositions come off as more mature, dreamlike riffing and a sequence of tracks that aims to reveal a journey of sounds in their trademark style. In the past, this divergence of fast and slow was more contradictory whereas now, the flow is impeccable even mesmerizing at times. In summary, give this album a spin if you already appreciate INQUISITION and if you don’t, try it and it will definitely surprise you!