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Once a cult atmospheric death metal band act, now a brutal death metal band, making its way back to the headlines of the local extreme metal scene. I’m talking about WOMB OF MAGGOTS. After the release of their first album “Life Odium” fourteen years ago, they have returned with their first full-length album called “Decay Of Humanity“.

“Compulsive Symbiosis”, sets the tone with the spoken part after the intro: “God help those who stand in our way“. Modern brutal death metal, heavily influenced by CANNIBAL CORPSE, SUFFOCATION and the pig-squeals the deathsters love to hear! “Dry Snitches”, follows in the same way, a bit more groovy, destroying all in its path. The album keeps up the aggression, with a MORBID ANGEL feel to the riffing of “Acute Hate”. Up next, the eerie doom metal intro of “Human Disgrace”, brings the AUTOPSY influence to mind, before turning into the well-known brutal death mayhem. More MORBID ANGEL-influenced riffing on “Social Withdrawal”

“The Final Act” has another rebellious speech intro (taken from a film I think) setting the lyrical tone, with a groovy riff that turns into a bit thrash-ier song than the rest, breaking from the usual “blast-squeal-groove” motif of the band. Fading-in guitars bring us “Peace In Victimland”, which is another lesson in brutal death violence, and the longest song on the album, just under 5 minutes, packed with catchy riffs and Johns’ voice reeking of pure death and gore. “Inadequate” kicks in with the MORBID ANGEL –meets- SUFFOCATION intro riff, destroying our necks from constant head-banging. “Just Because The System Isn’t Perfect” has a more grind-core approach duration-wise.

A very good brutal death album, pounding you down without mercy, with the proper duration for the genre (thirty four minutes). Only flaw, the lack of solos, I’d love to see some of that in the future.