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I can’t say I’m the biggest folk metal fan. But sometimes an album comes out balancing between heaviness and folk, in the right doses that it’s impossible to ignore.EQUILIBRIUM’s new release has that balance and shows once more a different face of the band.

Mixing folk elements with growl vocals, black and mostly power metal, is always a tricky thing to do with mixed results really quite possible. Well, EQUILIBRIUM did it very good, on this one. Each song is an entity on its own. That helps the listener not to get bored with the album through its course. Also, most of the songs have a fast paced rhythm with lyrics giving a downstream mood, it all comes in contrast with the music sometimes. Dark lyrics with happy tunes, a truly bizarre combination.

“The orchestration gives a massive sound throughout the album, making it gigantic to the ears.”

On the other hand, there are also some different songs, more straight forward like “Prey” and the closing “Eternal Destination” giving even more heaviness to the outcome. The band also manages to build a unique atmosphere on each song differently, giving them an individuality that brings them up to the surface. Another change is that the band decided to write some songs in English, getting a bit away from their mother language (German). The orchestration gives a massive sound throughout the album, making it gigantic to the ears.

EQUILIBRIUM, have had many changes through all those years. Nevertheless their good stubbornness and music composing abilities, have only been a good thing. You can hear it on their new album “Armageddon”. A power metal album, mixed with extreme sounds this band has used us to. A good album that someone can hear, even if he/she has just found out the band.

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