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NOCTE OBDUCTA, is a progressive black metal band from Germany. The band’s style is generally quite symphonic and avant-garde having all black metal standards, with a large amount of dynamic variations, in many of their songs and lengthy compositions, that twist and turn featuring multiple sections.

By now, NOCTE OBDUCTA, are among the elite of German black metal, without using clichés or massive ideology in their lyrics, but sophisticated, elegant poetry of melancholy, death, depression, nature… And the reasons for such claim are three. One is quality. Another is atmosphere. The third – and perhaps most important – is autonomy. Because no matter what forms of musical expression, the band being serviced: A song by NOCTE OBDUCTA is always clearly identified as such.

“Aggressive guitars, strong vocals and harmonious compelling melodies, atmospherically dense and exciting.”

After their previous album “Umbriel” in 2012 which is among the best albums I’ve heard through the last years, comes “Mogontiacum” (After The Night Sunk) that from opening tracks “Am Ende Des Sommers” and “Glückliche Kinder” shows the maturity and progress they’ve made that throws “Umbriel” in the shadows, but also as a continuation of their previous releases, that raises by far the standards for any band of the kind to reach. There is a clear intention for returning to their black metal roots, with songs like “Löschkommando Walpurgisnacht” “Desihra Mogontiacum” a twenty minute track that reaches perfection and “Die Pfähler” that is also released as a lyric video.

Various changes between the tracks from atmospheric and phychedelic passages, that resemble old 70’s bands (many call them the PINK FLOYD of black metal) to aggressive guitars, strong vocals and harmonious compelling melodies, atmospherically dense and exciting. 

If you are already a fan of NOCTE OBDUCTA you will not be disappointed and if you happen to just get to know them “Mogontiacum” is the best choice! Amazing album, be sure to check them out.