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One of the things that made KREATOR one of the most consistent thrash metal bands of the old school, is their continuous effort to stay current and renew their sound, without sacrificing their own character. From the classic (’85-’90), to the experimental (’92 – ’99) and to their return to thrash metal (’01 – now). All under the all seeing eye of Milland “Mille” Petrozza. After the great “Phantom Antichrist”, KREATOR rides back to their kingdom to receive another command from the “Gods Of Violence“. What lies in store this time?

The bombastic interlude “Apocalypticon” opens the record in style and grace, before “World War Now” comes over to destroy everything standing in its way, in the most old school sounding KREATOR since the “Violent Revolution” days, with a breakdown melody in the middle for the necessary melodic release. Up next, the mid-tempo crusher “Satan Is Real” (second video) follows, with its mesmerizing chorus melodies as well as a very interesting pitch change in the final chorus. “Totalitarian Terror” comes around showing once more the extreme aggression (pun 100% intended) KREATOR are known for (including one of the best choruses on the album, no wonder it’s the third single).

“After the great “Phantom Antichrist”, KREATOR rides back to their kingdom to receive another command from the “Gods Of Violence“.”

Up next, the self-titled track begins in a “When The Sun Burns Red” kind of way, with the acoustic guitars building up tension into a trademark KREATORcrusher (and the first video) with its full-speed ahead verse, its uber-catchy chorus and a beautifully old school mid-tempo riff in the middle right before the guitar solo duel. “Army Of Storms” follows in a mid-tempo way, before turning into a trademark thrasher, with the melodies put in the most strategic places for the proper release. On “Hail To The Hordes”, I hear a different KREATOR, the one that sounds like it had a small jam with fellow countrymen Running Wild, with its pirate like melodies and its mid-tempo heavy-metal-sounding riffage.

The acoustic intro (as well as outro) of “Lion With Eagle Wings” along with Mille’s vocals, guide us into another venue destroyer, balancing between mid-tempo and full-speed-ahead, with a fast paced yet melodic chorus. The drum break of Ventor brings “Fallen Brother”, a trademark mid-tempo KREATOR song, with the use of German language for the first time in KREATOR history. Especially that spoken part in German, is simply amazing. Back to the full-speed-ahead motif with “Side By Side” and its almost Blind-Guardian-like melodies. And as the album reaches its final minutes, we come face-to-face with “Death Becomes My Light” a 7 minute epic, that begins in an acoustic way, before turning to a mid-tempo melody-and-riff-fest with a beautiful chorus, especially the bluesy part towards the end is truly magnificent, with Mille singing in an “Outcast” kind of way.

If you love the 00’s KREATOR melodies, especially on the “Phantom Antichrist” record, proceed because you’ll find them here in their most mature form possible. Press play, and let the gods of violence come alive…