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AVERSIONS CROWN is a perfect example of a band that just keeps on working and getting better with every release they put out, resulting in Nuclear Blast signing them in 2014. Since then the band never stopped putting the pedal to the metal and kept growing and progressing their sound, getting a new vocalist, releasing on full length and an EP, which brings us to their most recent release, “Xenocide”.

In its principle and philosophy, “Xenocide” is a death metal record, dipped into intense deathcore elements and sprinkled with majestic black metal melodies. The album opens (after a brief atmospheric intro) with their single and music video, “Prismatic Abyss” which lays the ground perfectly for the rest of the album giving us an idea of substances used to build this wonderful auditory utopia of hate. Absolutely amazing drumming that does a great job at not getting repetitive and experiments with different styles and patterns of blastbeats. Beastly vocals that melt your inner organs into inoperative matter, marvelous lead guitars that give life to the tracks. Being memorable, well executed and catchy, the guitar work is truly one of the best I’ve heard in a modern death metal album using exotic eastern melodies and BEHEMOTH-esque soul crushing riffs. This can be easily noticed in tracks like “The Souless Acolyte” and “Odium”, while songs like “Cycles Of Haruspex” and “Ophiophagy” take more of a THY ART IS MURDER, deathcore-ish approach.

“While AVERSIONS CROWN don’t reinvent the wheel, they still managed to construct an out-of-this realm record leaving great promise for what is yet to come.”

That being said, there are moments throughout the album that breakdowns sound a bit forced and add nothing to where they are implemented, but most of the time they work as well as the sound civilizations ceasing to exist while their atoms cry in anguish as they disperse into nothingness. Even the weakest tracks on the album have riffs and melodies that make them interesting and worth revisiting, which is a key ingredient in devising a solid, replayable album.

The personnel behind “Xenocide’s” great sound is Adam Merker who recorded the album in the band’s hometown, Brisbane, Australia while the mix and mastering was done by Mark Lewis, who has also worked with names such as THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, FALLUJAH, CARNIFEX and WHITECHAPEL. Despite having so much happening in every song and a continuous cluster of sounds coming at you, the mix is top notch, with all instruments sounding clear and the lead guitar tone being state-of-the art, leaving you trying to recreate it in your own setup.

Prepare to be abducted and get ear-probed into a cosmic hell where the inconceivable horrors you’ll experience will make you question your significance and place in this Earth and make Dr. William Weir laugh in sinister delight. While AVERSIONS CROWN don’t reinvent the wheel, they still managed to construct an out-of-this realm record leaving great promise for what is yet to come.