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Do you remember the Symphonic Black Metal trend from the early 00s? Back then bands like CRADLE OF FILTH and DIMMU BORGIR where the coolest bands on the Heavy Metal world. DARK PORTRAIT wishes to revive those days with their debut album ‘A Harrowing Atrocity’.

This, relatively, young band from Athens, Greece, released their first full length record, through “Xperiment XIII” label, last December. Their music can be described as Symphonic Black Metal with Gothic Metal influences or as the band itself describe themselves; Majestic Black Metal. The twelve tracks that are featured in this release are full of melodies from keyboards (that mostly resemble violins and piano) and fast guitar riffs.

“If you are a fan of the keyboard-infused Black Metal, you should check this band out”

The vocals are mostly grim screams that bring to mind Mr. Dani Filth. A special reference must be made for the song named “The Rise Of The Anti-Christ” because it features operatic vocals by Iliana Tsakiraki (the singer of ENEMY OF REALITY). The song that stood out for me though, is “As I Die”, because of the catchy lead guitar melody. Also, an official video was released for the track “Incantation For Lamia” that you can watch below this review.

Although their influences from the aforementioned bands are obvious, DARK PORTRAIT managed to create a record that, to me, sounds better than the latest efforts by them. If you are a fan of the keyboard-infused Black Metal, you should check them out and remember their name. I wish the best of luck to them.