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A few months ago, I had the chance to listen the second album of THE SILENT WEDDING, “Enigma Eternal”. A power-prog metal band with great melodies and beautiful vocals from their singer. During the first hearing of the album, I truly couldn’t wait for the time of it’s release in order to get it and hear it again and again.

Now, after some hearings of “Enigma Eternal” my first impression hasn’t change. The Athenians elevated their music many steps since their first release “Living Experiments”. All the hard work and all the avoided traps of the past, leave their mark within their songs. And maybe the band doesn’t innovates through their music but the result is far from boring or bad.

“THE SILENT WEDDING did the proper steps to the right direction and made a great album.”

What really amazed me is the fact that in each song the band has made detailed work to the point. Easy remembered lyrics without even read them from the bootleg in most circumstances gives many points to the result for me. That of course is Marios (vocals) “fault” with his voice been in great shape. To tell the truth the whole band sounds in shape. The steady and clever drumming of Renos alongside with Thomas on bass gives the proper thickness to the music. Jimmy has delivered some very clever riffs that fit perfectly although, I couldn’t help myself from saying that, I would love in some songs the sound of the guitar to be more heavy and in front. As for Johnny (keyboards), you can hear the job he did in every single song, giving the depth and the progressive element where is needed. Here is maybe the time to refer to the beautiful artwork that was made by Travis Smith giving even more credits to the release.

I can’t stop singing some of the albums’ songs and having images in front of me when I hear the music of “Enigma Eternal”. The songs I’ve managed to distinguish are surely “Insanity”, “The Endless Journey”, “A Dream Of Choice” with guest vocals from Tom S. Englund (Evergrey), Loneliness (what an amazing song!!), Catharsis (being maybe the most heavy song in the album) and “Closer To The End”.

THE SILENT WEDDING did the proper steps to the right direction and made a great album. “Enigma Eternal” includes all of the bands’ influences, all their experience that have gathered the previous four years. A job well done guys!!