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Tuomas Saukkonen and his company return for the third time within a few years and putting WOLFHEART on the metal map for good! “Tyhjyys” is their new album and things are getting even more interesting this time!

WOLFHEART is a band that plays melodic death metal. But I’m happy this isn’t the full summary of their music. Mr. Saukkonen has a unique way to create images and landscapes through his bands’ music that this has become his trademark (check also Before The Dawn, Black Sun Aeon).

Well “Tyhjyys” is a great album with beautiful and powerful music. Maybe not the most innovating but definitely a record worth hearing again and again on a trip, on a country walk or a cold winters night. Also, the album “smells” Finland from miles ahead, with its’ melodies bringing in front of you the land of the thousand lakes (check “The Flood”). But this time things have changed a bit. Hearing “The Rift” it was made clear that this record is more heavy than its’ predecessors. With blastbeats and fast riffing giving the edge and the volume that was needed.

“A great album with beautiful and powerful music.”

Tyhjyys” has no fillers. No “needed” songs. Even the intro (“Shores Of The Lake Simpele”) gives you the proper “first look” to what follows. “Boneyard” starts as I’ve mentioned before, fast and heavy with Tuomas voice striking like a thunder. And what a voice, chaotic where it should be and ripping everything apart occasionally. “World On Fire” begins as a trademark song from WOLFHEART and evolves in something epic. Same goes for “Call Of The Winter” with its’ awesome melodies and tones of epic-ness. “Dead Winter” is the albums most melodic song but with an amazing melody and a huge Tuomas on vocals. Finally “Tyhjyys” brings memories of the past (Black Sun Aeon) but through the WOLFHEART perspective!

All in all “Tyhjyys” is a great album that you can hear it again and again and without get bored, with powerful and beautiful moments and icons. Can’t wait to see them live tis September. Thank you mister Saukonnen!