Paradise Lost have been one of the most loved UK metal artists ever since their formation and on through the present. Solid proof their numerous and unforgettable live concerts on Greek ground!

Since we are a few days before the fathers of gothic metal visit us once again (Thessaloniki, Principal Club Theater on Saturday 21st November,2015 and Athens, FUZZ Live music club, Sunday 22nd November,2015) grabs the chance to rewind our memories on the top fifteen songs we’ve heard so far, in their appearances on Greek ground and of course most of them we would like to listen live once again! Here we go…

01. Embers Fire

2. Sweetness

3. Forever Failure

4. Lydia

5. Mortals Watch The Day

6. Pray Nightfall

7. Over The madness

8. Gothic

9. Requiem

10. The Last Time

11. Eternal

12. Enchantment

13. Erased

14. As I Die

15. Say Just Words