IT’S ELECTRIC” fest is only a couple of days and few hours away, a must-attend event for all those who fancy the Greek music scene of heavy rock. Four days of absolute, loud rock, taking place at Six Dogs, right in the heart of Athens. For those unfamiliar with the bands that will share the stage, introduces you once again to those eight wonderful bands, in this article.


The Mighty N is the personal project of Natasha Tsirou, a rock band which started their musical journey back in 2012. With already a record released, the band is playing nasty, alternative, rock, which kind of dances with 90’s alt rock music scene, but is underlined by a far more progressive musical color. In the link below, you can listen to the band’s latest single, which was uploaded only two months before, with the title ‘Devil’s Advocate’.


Serenity Broken tasted the success of their debut record ‘Commercial Suicide’ three years ago and now with a brand new single album and possibly new material are ready to claim the stage of Six Dogs. Fueled with their heavy rock anthems and a dominating attitude, the band seeks to amaze and impress their old fans and the new ones too. Below, you can enjoy one of the band’s latest singles, titled ‘Savior’.


Sun, Rain in Life is one of the three bands which will present their new record live on stage. The band’s story starts from the late 90’s and it wasn’t until 2015 that the band will release it’s debut record under the name Sun, Rain In Life.  ‘96/4’ is here and is a mixture of grungy, old-school rock, with a rare dynamic that reaches even the modern indie rock music genre. Below you can dig into one of the singles of their debut record, titled ‘80’s’.


10 Code define pluralism again: Stoner rock, heavy rock, Clutch-meets- 00’s alternative rock; all those can define the band’s music. Already with an EP and a record in their discography, the band returned last year with new singles and a few line-up changes. On 27/11 they are ready to share their thirst for powerful, loud music with their fans in Six Dogs. As done with the previous bands, below is a sample of 10 Code’s talent, a song called ‘Transmitter’, released one year ago.


Can female-fronted rock be dirty, heavy and dynamic as in a male-fronted band? Of course! 4 Bitten are considered a fair example.  With their heavy and drunk guitar riffs, southern- rock nastiness and loud appearance, 4 Bitten will present their new record, titled ‘Rewind and Erase’ (their third one so far), on the third day of ‘It’s Electric’ music festival. Below, a link of ‘Save my Soul’, one of the most rocking singles out of the new record is included to enjoy.


Cemetery Dance seems to need no introduction. The band started back in 2012, performing with energy and combining a hard rock sound with metal’s attitude. Harsh, minimal, explosive, the band has managed to release a full-length record two years ago and an EP, which was released almost one year ago. In the video below, you can get a glimpse of the band’s unique sound as well as their humorous view of the clergy’s stupidity. ‘Fireball’ it is!


Hypnotic Nausea is the last band with an album presentation in this festival. They embrace a warm, stoner sound, with jam-like songs, direct and trippy as they can get. The band was formed in 2013 and recorded their debut record ‘Hypnosis’ this year. If you’re into some solid instrumental stoner rock, trippy and melodic music, you must not miss their show. An example of the band’s music journey can be discovered below, in a duo-part song.


How awesome is it to close a festival with some kicking sludge/heavy rock? Anal Veritas closes the eight- band line-up of the festival and are in the position to answer the question. With their ultra-heavy riffs combined with harsh, swamping vocals, Anal Veritas will have the chance to present songs off ‘Project: TV Junkies’ and end ‘It’s Electric’ in the right, loud way. In the link below you can enjoy ‘Crossroads’ and rock on its rhythm.