On occasion of the upcoming HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY live in Athens on the 15th of January, a brief introduction and presentation of the band is of importance.

HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY is a post-black metal band from Austria currently active since 2011. The post-black metal sound has been very prevalent in the last years and the Austrians have released two masterful albums “Harakiri for the Sky” and “Aokigahara” through the German label Art of Propaganda. Artists like HERETOIR, LANTLOS, ALCEST, WOODS OF DESOLATION and AUSTERE have influenced the sound of the post-black metal scene and HARAKIRI FOR THE SKY respectively.



The first album bearing the title of the band was released in 2012 making the band known and respected due to the quality of the compositions. The post-rock element is connected to the black metal coldness in structure and riffing construction to provide a well-balanced outcome which can carry one away in its melodic soundscapes.

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Lungs Filled with Water

From Yesterday to Ashes

Dancing on Debris



Aokigahara” came in 2014, more mature in its sound and in collaboration with guest artists produced a captivating album bearing beauty as well as depression in a magnificent blending. The vocalist of German depressive post-black metallers FAULNIS Seuche contributes to the second song “Jhator”, Torsten’s vocals from AGRYPNIE are featured in “Burning from Both Ends”, HERETOIR’s Eklatanz participates in “Panoptycon” and Plague from WHISKEY RITUAL and SELBSTENTLEIBUNG in “69 Dead Birds for Utøya”.

[page_title text=”STANDOUT TRACKS”]

“My Bones to the Sea”:

“Burning from Both Ends”: