Smoke The Fuzz Gigs, have been around for quite some time in the event industry, in the economy crisis-suffering Greece. Despite the circumstances though, Elina and her crew, have managed their ways and haven’t let down anyone who trusted them, throughout the years (including bands and audiences).

Specializing in sludge sounds, it’s perhaps the right time for a great sludge based festival, to take part in Greece. That’s how Smoke The Fuzz Festival 2016 came about, and if that wasn’t fair enough, it will be completed into three different editions!

The first edition of the festival goes under the name THE FALL OF DOOM EDITION taking place on September 17th at Gagarin 205, Athens including the following bands:

YOB, BONGZILLA, DOPETHRONE, SONS OF OTIS, BLACK COBRA, SUMA and LOVE SEX MACHINE for the first time all together under the same stage in one day.
gives you a short notice on all the bands, so that you have a bigger view of what the attendants of this festival are about to witness.

-YOB, is a doom metal band from Oregon, U.S.A. formed in 1996. The started releasing records in 2003 with “Elaborations Of Carbon” and have six full lengths since then (“Catharsis”, “The Illusion of Motion”,” The Unreal Never Lived”, “The Great Cessation”, “Atma” and “Clearing The Path To Descend”). They are famous for their vibes and ultra heavy sound, which is beyond belief audible during their live performances.

BONGZILLA, is a stoner metal band from Wisconsin, U.S.A. formed  in 1995. After some EPs and compilation appearances, they released their first full length “Stash” in 1999 and have released three more full lengths since ( Apogee”, “Gateway”, “Amerijuanican). They reactivated in 2015 after a big hiatus in 2009. Their lyrics obviously circulate around cannabis and its variety of uses.

Formed in 2008, DOPETHRONE, come from Montreal, Canada and their music encompasses the bleakness of black metal, the steadfastness of New Orleans-style sludge, with a heavier-than-thou doom mentality. Although they are quite young as a band, they already have four full lengths on their backs, withDemonsmokebeing their first release in 2008 andDark Foil”,  “III”, “Hochelaga” completing the release line, so far.

SONS OF OTIS, is a stoner rock/doom band from Toronto, Canada formed somewhere around 1992-1993. During their hard times in finding a drummer that could go on, they managed to release six full lengths during their long carrier. “Spacejumbofudge” (1996) was their actual first full length and “Temple Ball”, “Songs for Worship”, “X”, “Exiled” and “Seismic”  followed, throughout the years.

BLACK COBRA, is a doom/ sludge metal duo from San Francisco, U.S.A. formed in 2001. Their lyrics circulate around the themes of minimalism, human disaster and chaos. Having already five full lengths they can be considered as total hard working music machines. They latest release “Imperium Simulacra” has already made its mark into this year’s top sludge releases and their appearance on stage is surely one of great expectations.

Swedish stoners SUMA, were formed back in 2001 in Malmö, Sweden. Having four full lengths together with them for the festival they surely will be a great surprise for the attendants! Their latest album “The Order Of Things” released earlier this year will be a great part of their set together of course with some of their best tunes from their back catalogue!

Presented last, but opening this edition of the festival, LOVE SEX MACHINE, come from Lille, France. Formed in 2009, they are probably one of the most promising acts, around the globe, in the sludge metal genre. Having two full lengths already out, it’s almost certain they will capture anyone’s attention while on stage!

SMOKE THE FUZZ FESTIVAL 2016 part 1 ( FALL OF DOOM EDITION ) seems as hot as it can get! So, anyone interested we recommend the fast response on ticket pre-sales thus it seems the place will be packed and sold out! FUZZSMOKERS from everywhere this is the best you can get! Be warned and get your tickets in time!