Tonight is the night the Finnish black/deathsters ARCHGOAT are playing in Athens, Greece! While some of you are thinking of attending the gig, Metalpaths gives you 5 reasons why you shouldn’t miss their gig tonight.

1. Their latest album “The Apocalyptic Triumphator” is great, and is waiting to be heard and played live to make heads roll.

2. We’re talking about one of the most legendary and trademark black/death metal bands out of Finland. Along with BEHERIT they began the black metal scene in their country.

3. It’s been quite a while since the last time they visited Greece in 2008, so this is our chance to enjoy them live, cause we don’t know when the next one’s going to be.

4. Their shows are absolute rituals, fully in harmony with their brand of unholy black/death metal, and are a amazing experience.

5. The two support acts IMPURE WORSHIP & DODSFERD are some of the most crushing relatively new black metal bands and deserve everyone’s attention, so be there early!