On the 30th of December, right before the cursed 2016 is considered past, TARDIVE DYSKINESIA will present their new album, titled “Harmonic Confusion“, live at Kyttaro music venue. The band’s new enstablishment is considered an important on for this year, while for some, one of the top records of 2016. If you’re still looking confused about whether to watch the show or not, the tribute below will for sure help you come into conclusion.

1. TARDIVE DYSKINESIA is the first well-known band in Greece to embrace the djent sound into their music, playing with a progressive style unknown for the greek metal bands by the time they kick-started their career.

2. “Static Apathy in Fast-Forward“: The specific record is a fair reason to love the band, as they managed to create a record so complete at every aspect that it should be memorized as one of the best Greek records in the 00’s.

3. The band’s shows are worth to watch. Actually they are explosive, with the band bonded so well together, performing their songs in the finest way.

4. Another reason itself is Steve Lado. Steve is not only the guitarist of TARDIVE DYSKINESIA, but a well-known producer-music engineer in Greece, having associated with many popular bands in the country.

5. The voice of the band, Manthos, is also the owner of Manster Designs. He has designed the artwork of many records, as well as T-shirts, posters and other merchandise for bands such as HAIL SPIRIT NOIR, ROTTING CHRIST and more.

6. The band has stated that they don’t want their music to be labeled. In every new record they try to honor those words. Their latest record, “Harmonic Confusion” is reaching new grounds, with the band to be more progressive than ever and multidimensional as well.

7. Unlike many Greek bands that tend to sink into the loop of ‘staying true’ for the underground scene, TARDIVE DYSKINESIA are evolving. The band goes wherever the persons, who are part of it, want and aim for. That’s a main reason why they have endured for over fourteen years.

8. They have toured not only within the limits of their country, but also in Europe, performing in venues and festivals that many Greek bands haven’t been able to tour yet.

9. They have humor and enjoy their music. This can be easily spotted in their satirical video clip of “Savior Complex“. Go check it out!

10. Last but not least, the band will be presenting ‘Harmonic Confusion’ as a whole on the 30th of December along with Still Falling and Insect Radio. Don’t miss the chance to let TARDIVE DYSKINESIA blow your minds away once more and one day before New Year’s Eve; make sure to check out the last worthy show of the year.