ASTARTE Preparing To Enter Studio

Greek black metallers ASTARTE are preparing to enter the studio to record their sixth full-length album, "Blackdemonium", for a 2014 release. The CD will contain "9 or 10 tracks of black/death metal music with some thrash influences," according to a press release. The cover artwork will be designed by Maggot Meister. Maggot Meister had previously worked on cover artwork, logos and merchandise designs for such bands as MASTER, HIRAX, CHILDREN OF BODOM, 1349, AMON AMARTH, PAIN, EDGUY, VIOLATOR and MORTIIS. ASTARTE's lineup for "Blackdemonium" recording sessions: Tristessa - Vocals Nicolas S.I.C. Maiis - Vocals Ice - Drums Jim Harisis - Guitar/Bass ASTARTE's fifth album, "Demonized", was released in 2007 via Avantgarde Music. The CD was mixed at Tico Tico studios in Finland and featured guest appearances on vocals by MAYHEM's Attila Csihar, GOD DETHRONED's Henri Sattler, ARCH ENEMY's Angela Gossow and LLOTH's Nicolas S.I.C. Maiis.