Black Path

Black Path – Dominion In Pain (EP)

Black Path are a modern Death metal band from Athens, recently releasing their debut EP "Dominion In Pain". The EP kicks in with "Bloodshed" and its Doom/Death intro leading us to a track balancing between Thrashy, old school Death metal tempo and groovy parts with great guitar work (made obvious throughout the record). Then came "Ministry Of Sin" being a strictly groovy track with some blastbeats here and there but purely made to break some necks from headbanging. "Fasten Your Guts" comes up next with a great drum intro to bring some headbanging riffage once more only to go into a groovy chorus reminding me a bit of Decapitated ending with a kick ass breakdown. Another headbanger is "Born Underground" including some eerie melodies in the chorus and great groovy parts. A lead intro leads us to the final track called "Wounds" balancing between groove and blastbeats, an overall atmospheric track compared to the rest of the EP. Black Path delivered a solid Death metal EP showing its updated references without losing the old school Death character. Horns up!