Joey Demaio

MANOWAR Bassist Discusses ‘Warriors Of The World’ 10th-Anniversary Remastered Edition

Joey DeMaioIris Bernotat of Focusion Promotion & Marketing recently conducted a short interview with MANOWAR bassist Joey DeMaio about the 10th-anniversary remastered edition of the band's "Warriors Of The World"album. You can now read the chat below. Q: Hi Joey. How are you? Joey: I am doing very well, thank you. We are currently working in the studio, finishing the mixing and mastering for "The Lord Of Steel Live"album, and listening to the recordings from these recent shows is a blast. Brings back so many great memories. Q: We can imagine. Speaking of memories: You have remastered"Warriors Of The World" and released as a 10th-anniversary remastered edition. You must have plenty of memories about that album, too? Joey: Too many to count or tell. There is something special about each of our albums and that is why we and our fans enjoy looking back on our material as much as we enjoy looking forward to the new material."Warriors Of The World" was the beginning of a new era. One of the many memories is Stefan Raab of Germany's "TV Total" performing with us on stage, and we also had many insane moments with German comedian Olli Pocher. And, as everyone who joined us on this tour will well remember, the "Warriors Of The World" tour in 2002 was just wild.