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NAPALM DEATH, MORBID ANGEL Members Like Pussies Too: ‘Metal Cats’ Book Due In May

PowerHouse and The Black Birch have announced the May 2014 release of "Metal Cats" by Alexandra Crockett. "Metal Cats" combines two amazing subjects: the extreme personalities of the hardcore metal music scene and their adorable kitties. These incredibly cute and fluffy felines have been photographed with their loving owners in and around the dark abodes of musicians, fans, and promoters of metal including members of the following bands: BLACK GOAT THRONES ISIS LIGHTNING SWORDS OF DEATH BOOK OF BLACK EARTH SKARP HARASSOR AKIMBO ALDEBARAN ATRIARCH OAK GHOUL LUDICRA HOLY GRAIL XASTHUR CATTLE DECAPITATION MURDER CONSTRUCT EXHUMED MORBID ANGEL MUNICIPAL WASTE SKELETONWITCH GYPSYHAWK NAUSEA PHOBIA NAPALM DEATH Metal isn't all dark and disturbing, violent and misanthropic. "Metal Cats" is proof that while the music may be brutal, the people in the scene are softies for their pets just like the rest of us. A portion of the proceeds from this book and a series of benefit shows held along the West Coast will go towards one no-kill shelter in each of the four main cities visited. Alexandra Crockett, a musician and jewelry designer, has been present and active in the metal community since the age of 15 and is currently a doctoral student in the Bay Area. Beginning her idea for the book by doing promotional photos for bands and friends she would cat-sit for, she found an interesting dynamic between men in the metal scene and their cats. The idea for the book formed around giving accolades to local musicians and artists in the metal scene, while also bringing to light no-kill shelters and their importance for animal rights. "Metal Cats" can be pre-ordered at Amazon. metalcatsphotobook


TRONOS is the name of a project featuring Shane Embury (NAPALM DEATH) and producerRuss Russell (NAPALM DEATH, EVILE) alongside a slew of guest musicians, including drummer Dirk Verbeuren (SOILWORK), bassists Billy Gould (FAITH NO MORE) and Troy Sanders (MASTODON), and singer Silje Wergeland (THE GATHERING). The project, in whichEmbury and Russell both handle guitars, is currently seeking another singer "in the style of"Jaz Coleman (KILLING JOKE) to contribute most of the lead vocals on its forthcoming debut CD. Speaking to Metal Hammer editor Alexander Milas for the "Metal Hammer" radio show onTeamRock Radio (hear audio below), Russ stated about how TRONOS came about: "[Shaneand I] been talking for years about doing a project, because we love CELTIC FROST. And then when TRIPTYKON [featuring CELTIC FROST singer, guitarist, and main songwriter Tom Gabriel Fischer, a.k.a. Tom Gabriel Warrior] came along, we were just, like, 'Ah, my God! This is fantastic! We need to do something like this.' But also crossed with… We have a great love of all things ambient and 'floaty,' like the COCTEAU TWINS. As much reverb and chorus and delay as you can put on a guitar as possible and make the most ethereal, floaty, beautiful sounds. [So we were, like], 'How can we combine those two things together?' So, for the past, I guess, around eighteen months, we've been coming up with ideas. We call it riff tennis — we have a guitar and we pass it backward and forwards. 'OK, your go. My go. Your go. My go.' I've gotta say he does hog the guitar than I do, because he's a riff machine, as it takes me a little bit more to come up with stuff. But it was really easy; it came together so simple."

Report: Slayer + Support Acts – Athens, Greece

It was 1st of July. A new festival that we truly hope and wish to be established and continue in the future was about to begin. By arriving at Plateia Nerou where the festival took place, I got amazed by the wonderful sea-side place having the historically Averof ship in the background just opposite from the live-stage. Definitely one of the most beautiful places for an open-air festival that I have been before! But let’s get to the chase! When we arrived Kvelertak were already on stage and we should have missed the first two tracks. If you read you definitely know our sympathy for the Norwegian. Second time in Greece, they had enough audience and gave their best to rock the fuck out under the hot sun. Erlend was plowing the stage up and down spitting his guts out in every song while he also didn’t afraid to do stage-diving! Playing songs from both their two albums they had overall a good appearance with only negatives the sun and the not that good sound. It’s time for Napalm Death to hit the stage and the British need no introductions. I was really expecting their appearance cause I haven’t seen them before (how the fuck did that happen?). However I couldn’t enjoy the show and unfortunately I can’t even describe it because I would injustice the Napalms. It started to blow and that had as a result a really bad sound which in comparison with some technical problems

Video: NAPALM DEATH Singer Joins VOLBEAT On Stage At France’s HELLFEST

Mark "Barney" Greenway of British grindcore pioneers NAPALM DEATH joined Danish metal rock 'n' rollers VOLBEAT on stage on June 23 at the Hellfest in Clisson, France to perform the VOLBEAT track "Evelyn". Fan-filmed video footage of his appearance can be seen below. In April 2011 interview with, VOLBEAT vocalist/guitaristMichael Poulsen spoke about Barney's appearance on the studio version of "Evelyn", which appears on the band's fourth album, "Beyond Hell/Above Heaven". "Writing a song like 'Evelyn' was my way of showing people that it was not only the '50s elements we were inspired by, but we were actually growing up with a lot of great metal bands," Michael said.