Joseph Suto of Rock Show Critique recently conducted an interview with QUEENRŸCHE guitarist Michael Wilton. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Rock Show Critique: Now that a settlement has been reached regarding the band and Geoff Tate, does it feel like the world has been lifted off your shoulders? Michael Wilton: The situation is getting better every day. Once one has been in the trenches for the time that we have in any kind of a court battle, it can be trying. It's all about just moving forward. We're one step closer to where we want to be. It's a bit relieving, and yes, we can sleep at night. Rock Show Critique: What does it mean going forward now for the band? Michael Wilton: Well, full wholeheartedly, we want to rebuild the name QUEENSRŸCHE. We want to bring it back to the stature it was in the Eighties and Nineties. We want to reach out to the fans who have been wanting to hear the classics for eons of years. Now we are doing that, and we are able to bring that to the world, basically, and there are so many fans that love the first five, six albums. It's great to play those songs for them, because it means so much to them, and it also means so much to us. We're really happy to be out there and touring and bringing back the classics that fans want to hear. Rock Show Critique: At what point do you feel the band started to go off course or make a wrong turn perhaps? Michael Wilton: Well, the band was just firing on all cylinders up through "Empire" and part of "Promised Land". I think everybody was questioning the longevity of what they wanted to be, and what they wanted to do, and if they were happy, and if they weren't. It's a long road of ups and downs, really, the battles. Maybe, as you get older, your style of music changes a little bit. Other people wanted to stay true to what they started in the beginning. You grow as musicians and people, and sometimes it grows the other way. So it's kind of hard to pick exactly when it happened. It was at a point when we worked so hard to build up the integrity of QUEENSRŸCHE, we just got to the point where we started to get a little burned out. When Chris [DeGarmo, guitar] left, it was kind of picking up the pieces and let's see what we can do. Rock Show Critique: We were the ones who interviewed Geoff and were surprised by how he answered on why you guys weren't playing "Queen Of The Reich" anymore. He had said it was juvenile and how he didn't want to sing it anymore. Was that part of the problem on choosing the sets, etc.? Michael Wilton: Well, certain people grow out of songs, I guess. Being in a band, it's always kind of a battle to get certain songs into a set. That song, "Queen Of The Reich", was really our first song. That was the song Chris DeGarmo wrote and brought to the band, and we wanted to make it heavy as hell. We wanted to make it a badass song. We were really young back then. We were working at day jobs listening to the local FM rock radio station and we heard "Queen Of The Reich" play on there. We never thought that song would ever be on radio. We heard "Queen Of The Reich" on the radio and I think we lost our mind. That song took off for us all over the world. Magazines and everything. It's such a special song and it's so great that were able to bring some of those songs back that catapulted the band. I think it's still a strong song today, and we're playing it in our live show, and I think it has just as much power and passion as it did back in the early Eighties. Read the entire interview at Rock Show Critique.

GEOFF TATE Plans To ‘Disappear For Awhile’ After His Version Of QUEENSRŸCHE Completes ‘Farewell’ Tour

Former QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate was interviewed on the May 15 edition of 99.1 CJAM-FM's "The Signals Of Intuition" radio show. You can now listen to the chat below. Asked about the settlement he reached with his former bandmates over the rights to the QUEENSRŸCHE name, Tate said: "It feels great, actually — really good. We never went to court, which is good. We managed to come to an agreement and [reach] a settlement. So now, after two years, I know what I'm doing [laughs] in the future, which is a great feeling. 'Cause it's very unnerving not to be able to put a plan together — a solid plan — at least for me, 'cause I'm pretty goal-oriented. So, yeah, I feel really good about it." Tate also briefly touched upon his future plans, telling "The Signals Of Intuition": "I've got all kinds of things in the works, actually. And I'll be announcing, over the summer, solid plans as to what's gonna happen." He added: "The farewell tour [for the Tate-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE] ends, I think July 30 or July 31, somewhere around there. And I'm pretty much gonna disappear for awhile, I think. I'm gonna do some travelling, gonna go to Europe for awhile, and pretty much that's what's on my plate at the moment." As previously reported, QUEENSRŸCHE members Eddie Jackson (bass), Scott Rockenfield (drums) and Michael Wilton (guitar) recently successfully agreed to purchase Geoff Tate's portion of the QUEENSRŸCHE name. The band will buy out their former lead singer's share of the QUEENSRŸCHE corporation while allowing him the ability to be the only one to perform "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" in their entirety. Tate will no longer have use of the TriRyche logo or any other album images aside from the "Mindcrime" releases. He can only refer to himself as the "original lead singer of QUEENSRŸCHE" or "formerly of QUEENSRŸCHE" for a period of two years and that text must be at least 50 percent smaller than his name in all materials. After this two-year period passes, he can only refer to himself as Geoff Tate with no mention of QUEENSRŸCHE at all. Geoff Tate will be able to finish any confirmed dates billed for his QUEENSRŸCHE lineup scheduled to terminate on August 31, 2014. As of September 1, there will be only one QUEENSRŸCHE entity and that will consist of Eddie Jackson, Todd La Torre, Parker Lundgren, Scott Rockenfield and Michael Wilton. This lineup will continue to perform selections from their entire musical catalog, including songs from "Operation: Mindcrime". The band will be able to use all TriRyche logos and previous album artwork for any purposes as needed by the corporation.

GEOFF TATE Announces ‘Queensrÿche Starring Geoff Tate – The Farewell Tour’

More than thirty years after setting forth on the musical journey that would become known as QUEENSRŸCHE, singer Geoff Tate — one of rock's quintessential front men and the lead vocalist heard on all QUEENSRŸCHE hits — will be performing his farewell tour as QUEENSRŸCHE beginning in late July. The announcement of the tour, "Queensrÿche Starring Geoff Tate - The Farewell Tour", comes hot on the heels of the recent amicable settlement with his former bandmates Michael Wilton, Eddie Jackson and Scott Rockenfield, who will be continuing with the band name. With Geoff at the helm of QUEENSRŸCHE, the band experienced incredible success, garnering four Grammy nominations, performing in 46 different countries and selling over 20 million albums worldwide. "One thing that's really important for fans to know is that this never went to court," comments Geoff Tate, who will be continuing as "Geoff Tate: The Voice Of Queensrÿche" once the summer farewell tour is complete. As part of the agreement between the original members, Geoff will have the exclusive right to perform the concept albums "Operation: Mindcrime" and "Operation: Mindcrime II" as unique performances. For the past several months, Geoff and his version of QUEENSRŸCHE (comprised of bassist Rudy Sarzo, guitarist Robert Sarzo, guitarist Kelly Gray, drummer Simon Wright and keyboardist Randy Gane) have been performing the fan favorite on their 25th-Anniversary Mindcrime Tour (with special guest Sass Jordan as "Sister Mary") in front of sold-out audiences everywhere. "It's sort of similar to the PINK FLOYD situation where Roger Waters retained 'The Wall'," comments Geoff. "'Mindcrime' was my thing and my story, so it's only appropriate that I keep that... The others will be touring as QUEENSRŸCHE and I'll be continuing on as me." The popularity of the theatrical back-to-back presentation of the "Operation: Mindcrime" saga ("I" and "II") was exemplified when the performance was captured for the 2007 double DVD/CD set, "Mindcrime At The Moore", that hit #1 on Billboard's Top Music Videos chart and eventually reached gold status. For the forthcoming tour, Geoff's version of QUEENSRŸCHE will be performing all the hits along with some rarities to celebrate the music he's enjoyed making over the past thirty years. Although the name will change, the lineup of stellar musicians performing with Geoff after this "farewell" tour is expected to remain the same. Tickets go on sale for the majority of shows this Friday, May 2 and this Saturday, May 3. "Queensrÿche Starring Geoff Tate - The Farewell Tour" dates: July 30 - Hermosa Beach, CA - Saint Rocke July 31 - San Juan Capistrano, CA - The Coach House Aug. 01 - El Cajon, CA - Sycuan Casino Aug. 02 - Las Vegas, NV - House of Blues Aug. 03 - Agoura, CA - The Canyon Club Aug. 07 - Fresno, CA - Strummer’s Aug. 08 - Vacaville, CA - Theatre Deville Aug. 09 - Morgan Hill, CA - Downtown Amphitheater Aug. 12 - Nashville, TN - Music Marathon Works Aug. 13 - Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre Aug. 14 - Charlotte, NC - The Chop Shop Aug. 15 - Wilmington, NC - Ziggy’s By The Sea Aug. 16 - Winston-Salem, NC - Ziggy’s Aug. 17 - Atlanta, GA - Center Stage Aug. 19 - Dallas, TX - Trees Aug. 20 - San Antonio, TX - Aztec Theatre Aug. 22 - Tucson, AX - Rialto Theatre Aug. 23 - Scottsdale, AZ - Talking Stick Resort Aug. 24 - Albuquerque, NM - Sunshine Theater Aug. 26 - Salt Lake City, UT - The Depot Aug. 28 - Wichita, KS - The Cotillion Aug. 30 - Bolingbrook, IL - Tailgaters geofftatefarewelltour

GEOFF TATE Is ‘Sorry’ QUEENSRŸCHE Fans Were Subjected To ‘Totally Distasteful’ War Of Words Via Court Documents

Singer Geoff Tate — who was fired from the Seattle progressive rock band QUEENSRŸCHE in 2012 after fronting it for three decades — has apologized to the group's fans for the "totally distasteful" war of words that played out in the press and court documents following the split, saying that there will be a "bright side" once a settlement has been reached over the rights to the QUEENSRŸCHE name. During an appearance on last night's (Friday, March 7) edition of "Eddie Trunk Rocks" (formerly "Friday Night Rocks") radio show on New York's Q104.3 FM, Tate addressed QUEENSRŸCHE fans directly, saying: "Thank you for all the amazing letters and support people have given me in the last couple of years. It's been inspiring. "I feel so sorry for people that have loved this band and watched this totally distasteful situation happen in the press." He continued: "It's so confusing for people, 'cause they can't discern what is hype and what is Internet rumor versus what is truth and what's a court case. In any other court case, there's so much untruth that gets said because people are trying to win. And the fans really get caught up in the middle of it. It's a very frustrating, confusing situation and I'm so sorry that it had to play out this way. But there will be a bright side, I promise everybody, and I'm looking forward to that as much as I'm sure they are." Tate and his former bandmates recently requested more time to hammer out a settlement in their legal battle over the rights to the group's name. King County Superior Court Judge Beth Andrus signed a new order continuing trial date, allowing the parties four more weeks to come to an agreement over the use of the QUEENSRŸCHE name and its associated trademarks. If they cannot reach an agreement during that period, the five-day, non-jury trial is set to begin on April 7. Tate and his former bandmates were previously granted five additional weeks in two separate trial continuances in January and February to work on the details of their settlement agreement. Tate and his wife, Susan, QUEENSRŸCHE's former manager, filed a lawsuit in June 2012 asking the judge to award them the rights to the band's name in exchange for Tate paying Eddie Jackson (bass), Michael Wilton (guitar) and Scott Rockenfield (drums) the fair market value for their interests in the QUEENSRŸCHE companies. Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson filed a countersuit against the Tates in which they accused Geoff of creative obstruction and violent behavior, and Susan Tate of questionable business practices. While ruling against Tate, the presiding judge determined that there was no legal hurdle in Tate also using the name with an all-new lineup of musicians. "I don't see any reason that Mr. Tate can't have the benefit, if he gets other members, of whatever name he uses of using the brand," Superior Court Judge Carol A. Schapira said during the July 13, 2012 court hearing. "I think [doing that would be] inherently confusing, although I'm sure the market can get these things sorted out," she added. Tate's QUEENSRŸCHE now features Tate along with guitarist Kelly Gray (QUEENSRŸCHE 1998-2001), keyboardist Randy Gane and the band's latest additions, guitarist Robert Sarzo (QUIET RIOT, HURRICANE), Rudy Sarzo (OZZY OSBOURNE, QUIET RIOT, WHITESNAKE, DIO, ANIMETAL USA) and drummer Simon Wright (AC/DC, DIO, RHINO BUCKET). "Frequency Unknown", the latest album from the Geoff Tate-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE, sold around 5,500 copies in its first week of release in the United States to land at position No. 82 on The Billboard 200 chart. Issued on April 23, 2013, the CD was produced by Jason Slater at a studio in Northern California.

GEOFF TATE, Former Bandmates Involved In Settlement Talks Over Rights To QUEENSRŸCHE Name

Singer Geoff Tate — who was fired from the Seattle progressive rock band QUEENSRŸCHE in 2012 after fronting it for three decades — has revealed to AL.com that he currently is involved "in settlement talks" with his former bandmates over the rights to the group's name. Tate and his wife, Susan, QUEENSRŸCHE's former manager, filed a lawsuit in June 2012 asking the judge to award them the rights to the band's name in exchange for Tate paying Eddie Jackson (bass), Michael Wilton (guitar) and Scott Rockenfield (drums) the fair market value for their interests in the QUEENSRŸCHE companies. Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson filed a countersuit against the Tates in which they accused Geoff of creative obstruction and violent behavior, and Susan Tate of questionable business practices. While ruling against Tate, the presiding judge determined that there was no legal hurdle in Tate also using the name with an all-new lineup of musicians. "I don't see any reason that Mr. Tate can't have the benefit, if he gets other members, of whatever name he uses of using the brand," Superior Court Judge Carol A. Schapira said during the July 13, 2012 court hearing. "I think [doing that would be] inherently confusing, although I'm sure the market can get these things sorted out," she added. Asked by AL.com what his ultimate goal of the court proceedings is — to get the original lineup of QUEENSRŸCHE back together or to win the name and continue with this band, Geoff said: "Right now, we have two QUEENSRŸCHEs, which is way too confusing to fans. We have to give someone the name and someone has to pay the other person off. We're in settlement talks now, and I hope that we can come to a conclusion in the next couple of weeks." Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson last year accused Geoff Tate of "continu[ing] to harm the QUEENSRŸCHE brand" since the Tates' original lawsuit was filed in June 2012. In a court document, they wrote: "The newest self-titled QUEENSRŸCHE CD release by the [Todd La Torre-fronted version of the band] entered the U.S. charts at #23 and continues to get 9-out-of-10-star reviews and is still selling very well on a weekly basis around the globe. In comparison, Geoff Tate released his own QUEENSRŸCHE CD in April of [2013] titled 'Frequency Unknown' and depicted as F.U. on the cover, which entered the charts at #82, received very bad reviews around the world, and has slowed to almost no more weekly sales. [The Todd La Torre-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE's] new CD even outperformed the last two CDs of them with Geoff Tate, selling more in a month than the 'Dedicated to Chaos' CD has since its release in 2010, and charting much better than both that album and the previous one, 'American Soldier'. Thus, the return to the classic sound [Tate's former] bandmates have made with the new CD and live shows has been met with overwhelming success." They added: "Geoff Tate also chose very poorly in hiring live musicians that have shown that they are not capable of representing the correct performances of the QUEENSRŸCHE music legacy, and he was constantly replacing them. He has been offering his low-quality version of QUEENSRŸCHE to the promoters at a much reduced rate, as low as $10,000 per night, when, in fact, [his former] bandmates have done their best to keep the authorized QUEENSRŸCHE at an average of well over $20,000 per show this entire year. However, this becomes harder and harder with Geoff Tate's sub-par band and cut-rate pricing that continues to be damaging to the QUEENSRŸCHE brand and legacy no matter who ultimately wins control after trial." In an interview with The Oakland Press, Rockenfield said said that "negotiations are ongoing between Tate and the singer's former bandmates and "there's still time for anything to happen between now and [the start of the trial in January 2014]." "I think our confidence is pretty high," Scott said. "There's a lot of legal stuff you have to deal with, but we just feel good and look at it as a light at the end of the tunnel and keep playing shows and making music. I think when you do that, the right decision will be made in time."


Tate and his wife, Susan, QUEENSRŸCHE's former manager, filed a lawsuit in June 2012 asking the judge to award them the rights to the band's name in exchange for Tate paying Eddie Jackson (bass), Michael Wilton and Scott Rockenfield (drums) the fair market value for their interests in the QUEENSRŸCHE companies. Wilton, Rockenfield and Jackson filed a countersuit against the Tates in which they accused Geoff of creative obstruction and violent behavior, and Susan Tate of questionable business practices. On Tate's belief that the lawsuit comes down to one thing — money: Tate: "This is all about getting rid of somebody so that there would be more money to split between a fewer amount of people. QUEENSRŸCHE is and was an incredibly successful business entity worldwide. And to completely dismantle it is an act of foolishness." On how the court case will play out in January: Tate: "It's a corporate dispute. And the judge will decide on the value of the brand and the corporation. There's a formula to figure that out. It's not about a moral thing or anything like that. It's just a simple case of dollar exchange." On other members of QUEENSRŸCHE's claim that Tate refused to play much of the band's classic material in concert and was responsible for the ill-fated 2010 Queensrÿche Cabarettour and using outside co-writers, producers and musicians to make the "Operation: Mindcrime II", "American Soldier" and "Dedicated To Chaos" albums: Wilton: "As an artist, as a guitar player, it's not too much fun when your parts are being replaced or you don't even know if they're going to make the CD of the band you've been with for 30 years. It's a little disheartening, to say the least." On Tate's claim that bandmates made little to no effort to participate creatively inQUEENSRŸCHE's projects: Tate: "There was me writing and coming up with directions and ideas and concepts, and then the other guys were contributing performances in the studio. So we had to find other people to work with us in order to make a record and make things happen."

GEOFF TATE On QUEENSRŸCHE: ‘I Just Can’t Give It Up. It’s Me. It’s Who I Am.’

Shawn Perry of VintageRock.com recently conducted an interview with QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. VintageRock.com: Earlier this year, you released an album, "Frequency Unknown", which I believe was the first album of yours under the QUEENSRŸCHE name without the members of the other QUEENSRŸCHE. And I read that there were some issues early on with the mix, which were later resolved. But overall, were you pleased with that record? I've been listening to it and it sounds really good to me. Tate: Yeah, yeah, [I'm] very pleased with it. It was a really fun record to make. I had a lot of help making it, you know, a lot of different people coming in and contributing their performances for the record. That was really, really fun. I loved doing that. I'm a collaborator; I love collaborating with people. I had a lot of great players come in and do their spin to the song, which was really, really fun. VintageRock.com: Are you preparing a follow-up to the album? Tate: Yeah, we're working on a new record now. I'm about … I don't really know where I'm at with it. I'm in bulk writing mode where I write every day and put ideas down in a rough form and typically I'll go back after a few months of doing that and see what I have and then piece together an album out of good ideas that I've got recorded. VintageRock.com: As I'm sure you're aware, the other QUEENSRŸCHE released a record this year. I don't suppose you heard that or listened to it at all, did you? Tate: No, but I heard they released one. VintageRock.com: It gets a little confusing with there being two QUEENSRŸCHEs and I did read in a recent interview with you where you discussed the issue of who gets to keep the name, and that whole issue will be resolved next year. Is that correct? Tate: Yeah. We have a court date that was set for November that recently got pushed back to January. So that's when our actual court date will happen, is at the end of January. VintageRock.com: Why is it important to you to keep that name? Tate: Well for me, it's my life's work. It's…what you hear when you listen to a QUEENSRŸCHErecord is my ideas. My hopes, my dreams, my fears, my fantasies — all the stuff that is me is in those records and those songs. I've worked tirelessly over the years to protect the name, to bring value to the name, and I just can't give it up. It's me. It's who I am. VintageRock.com: Do you have any sentiment for the other guys — do you miss playing with them at all? Or are you just kind of moving forward and you're digging playing with new guys? What's your feeling on that? Tate: Oh, I'm really interested in playing with the guys I'm playing with now. They're all really fantastic musicians and we have a generally good time when were on the road. It's a bunch of personalities that really work well together. And I'm just digging it. It's a happy scene. VintageRock.com: That's the important thing, right? Tate: Yeah, it is. It's no fun to go to work and not get along with the people that you're working with. It's much better if you're hanging out with people for days on end and hours on end to be able to laugh and have a good time and enjoy life. Read the entire interview at VintageRock.com.

QUEENSRŸCHE Bassist EDDIE JACKSON Says New Lineup ‘Genuinely Feels Like A Rebirth’

Nottingham Post recently conducted an interview with QUEENSRŸCHE bassist Eddie Jackson. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. On the split with original QUEENSRŸCHE singer Geoff Tate: Jackson: "The three of us got together and once we'd made the decision to continue we started to map out the future. Geoff had been working on solo stuff for a while, so QUEENSRŸCHE had been shelved for a while so we'd been developing a side project called RISING WEST with the three of us, Parker Lundgren [guitar], who was with us for the last couple of albums, and Michael [Wilton, guitar] knew [new vocalist] Todd La Torre through another side project. "When things went the way they did, we decided to return to the QUEENSRŸCHE name." On returning to the band's musical roots following the split with Tate: Jackson: "We always wanted to revisit the older material, even back to our original EP from 1983. But for whatever reasons, we were never allowed to do it. "With the energy we have now, the songs all stand the test of time. It's been fun to go back." On QUEENSRŸCHE's new, self-titled album: Jackson: "For a few years, we haven't felt we've had the chance to express ourselves musically, but on the new album, all five of us contributed equally. "With the first five or six QUEENSRŸCHE albums, the group of us created our own sound and if you bring in a bunch of different musicians, even if the songs are the same, they won't sound the same. "We have our own styles and techniques that make up our sound and I thought that was missing from the last few albums. "With [once again working with producer] Jimbo Barton, this album is a return to our characteristic sound. Lots of fans have commented that the album sounds like it could have been released after [their most successful album in 1990] 'Empire'.

TODD LA TORRE-Fronted Version Of QUEENSRŸCHE Films Two New Music Videos

On September 24, Honduras rock journalist Alvaro Villatoro (a.k.a. Lemmy Simmons) ofHard Heavy conducted an interview with conducted an interview with QUEENSRŸCHE drummerScott Rockenfield. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below. A few excerpts from the chat follow. On the next QUEENSRŸCHE video: Scott: "A couple of weeks ago, we finished two brand new music videos for the new record. We went down to Los Angeles and shot the next two videos. "The next single, I believe, is going to be 'Spore'. And then the follow-up single after that is going to be 'A World Without'. "So what we did is we shot a 10-minute movie of the two songs put together, and it's really great. It's a full scripted storyline, there were actors in the videos, and it's very conceptual. And we do appear in the video as well. But it was really fun and really different, because it's like a movie." On parting ways with original singer Geoff Tate and replacing him with Todd La Torre: Scott: "I've gotta be honest. We just didn't know what to expect when we made the decision to move on last year. And Todd has been perfect; I mean, it's absolutely just perfect. He sings so great our old, great songs. Listen, we hadn't done 'Queen Of The Reich' in years, andTodd stepped in and he just sings it — he just does it — and it's just perfect. I can't even tell you how excited we are about what's going on for us right now having him in the band." On whether the band felt any pressure to release a new studio album as quickly as possible to compete with the Geoff Tate-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE: Scott: "To be honest, we actually didn't — we never felt any pressure to get a record out as fast as possible or to do anything to sacrifice the quality that we always had wanted to keep ourselves at. This record was a great example of that. Our focus was on just writing great songs and getting them to where we felt it was at the top of our game, so to speak, and we wanted to keep our level very high and challenge ourselves. And so we were gonna get the record done when the record was gonna be done. "We were lucky, because the chemistry amongst the five of us now is so great that we just felt that we didn't have any pressures — we knew we were gonna have a great record and feel really good about it. And I think the response is kind of the proof. The fans and the media have embraced the new record in such a high way; I mean, we're getting almost 10-star reviews on this record all around the world. So for what that's worth, I think that's just the proof that we've done what our fans really had wanted us to be doing for a long time. I think they're very happy that we're back doing what we feel good about. "We've been around for 30 years as a band, and we've made a lot of records, and some really great ones that I'm very proud of. I think this new record is a record that I'm proud of… It's probably a record that I'm most proud for probably the last 20 years. So, for me, it's really special and I feel really great about it. And we're having a great time. We haven't had a great time for a long time, to be honest; it hasn't been very fun. I think this is now a turning point for us and we just feel really good. We're energized and the fans are energized." On whether "Queensrÿche" signals a return to the band's classic sound: Scott: "I think so. I really do. "In the last year that we started playing all these shows with Todd, our setlist is a lot of just our first five records — it's all that great QUEENSRŸCHE classic stuff that we hadn't played for a long time. And in doing that, I think that started to put us in kind of that mindset, that energy that we had back then, and the chemistry we had together. And so I think when we started making this new record, it was almost natural that we were kind of revisiting that feel for us. And I think this record does.