Human is that way by his nature so that he links everything around him with usually definite people and things. When we speak about football Maradona comes in our minds, when we talk about basketball Micheal Jordan, when about formula Michael Schumacher.

So, when we speak about heavy metal the first thing that comes to our mind are bands such as Metallica, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden etc. Bands that have set the foundations of this musical style and their names are everywhere that are connected to it. Speaking more specifically about
the “pearls” of this music surely “Number Of The Beast” will be from the first mentioned. One album that is not just one of the best, in not the best of Iron Maiden, but one of the best in the history of Heavy Metal. First album of Maiden with Bruce Dickinson as a singer who is considered the absolute heavy metal model. His voice in this record surpasses all expectations and reverses the whole heavy metal community of the 80’s. The riffs of this album come to destroy everything around you and strike roots deep inside your brain.

The compositional abilitities of Steve Harris are really utmost. Iron Maiden with this record start conquering the world since “Number Of The Beast” sells and continues until today to sell thousands of copies around the world. To be reported to anything else is really needless. What could you possibly say for an album that drove thousands of people to the world of metal and constituted source of inspiration for many other bands later; From already the first listening of the album it’s impossible to miss something that you possibly not remember later. Every note grabs you, drives through you and stays within you forever like an incurable disease. Albums such as “Number Of The Beast” don’t allow any critic. For someone to be reported in details for some song, riff, solo or everything exists on this album is actual sacrilege since no mere mortal can speak about it. Even if he tries to do it using the best descriptions will be terribly little so to cover its greatness. Just take it from your shelf, put it in the cd player for the billionth time and enjoy it. Some things don’t allow for words, they speak for themselves.

Written by: Karagiannidis Panagiotis.