I’m happy that I was chosen to introduce you this work from Agnosia. For those who don’t know them, Agnosia is a progressive metal band from Piraeus , Greece, formed in 2003. The three basic members are Dionysis (guitars) , Ioulios (bass) and Konstantinos (drums). They released their first demo in 2004 called and in 2009 their first full length album.

So, let’s talk about their completed work. It took many years to the founders of Agnosia to complete. It’s a concept album with a modern and interesting story about a famous actor, called Edward, who wants to take a break from his successful carrier and to devote himself to his beloved Alysia. But, while the time passes he starts wondering who he is. He starts drinking and taking drugs. Alysia is so tired from this situation and leaves Edward alone. In that point everything changes for Edward. But I said too much I think. The continuation of this story is very interesting and instructive. You should find it out by yourselves!

Agnosia worked hard in order to have such great melodic and aggressive results in their music. The lyrics are written in a professional and methodic way. For me, it was like I was reading an interesting book. And by saying that, you should check the album art. It’s harmonization with the story is remarkable.

Really, I don’t have to say anything more. Agnosia is a very promising band and seeing them live and listening to their album is a beautiful sound experience. You must check them out!

Website: www.myspace.com/agnosiaband

Track List Line Up
01.  A drift into lie
02. Another promise
03. Desire and Belief
04. A concrete paradise
05. The curtains rise
06. Insanity’s romance
07. Into delirium
08. Chords noir
09. Piccadilly circus nights
10. The patterns of a dream
11. Voices
12. Broken memories (bonus)
Chris (vocals)
Dionysis (Rhythm & Lead Guitars)
Manos (Rhythm & Lead Guitars)
Pantelis (Keyboards , Piano & Analogue Synths)
Julio (Bass & Samplers)
Konstantinos (Drums)

Efi Burton.