Nadiwrath - Nihilistic StenchWorshipers of the underground sound its time to gather and witness the first full length album of Nadiwrath which is called “Nihilistic Stench” and is out via Moribund Cult Rec. This time the Greek horde strikes back after 4 years (from the releasing of the homonymous demo) with more hunger in the eyes, with a more rotten mood but not far from the basics of the sound, their raw and harsh material evolved musically but the ideology remained the same. Still worshiping the old era, the raw sound and the true essence of black metal…

If you heard the demo 4 years ago and you thought that it was promising then probably “Nihilistic Stench” will tear your heart apart. Punky/thrashy (and in some songs you can also detect depressive bm elements: “Memories Are Dead”) riffs that fills the negativity of the lyrics and in general the negative mood of the record, are here to prove that some bands still trying to keep the flame of the old era alive/and to show their views and disgust against our times and our miserable life/daily routine in which we are eternally damned. The record is consisted of 8 curses and its a str8 ahead punch on nowdays black metal cause there is no fashion elements and no gay-star attitude. Sharp production, rage/hate, fast speed that exchanges with thrash/punk ‘n’ roll parts and lyrically full of curses that are spitted with “Eyes Full Of Vengeance” is the main data that fills the profile of “Nihilistic Stench”. Its highly recommended for fans of: Carpathian Forest, Nattefrost, Darkthrone.

As for the members of the band who took part in this nihilistic curse:  The vocal duties are done by “Wrath” of the mighty Dodsferd  (also:Grab, Kampf, ex-Drunk Earth) the guitar shredding made by “Nadir” (Dodsferd, ex-Stellar Darkness) and the hammers are delivered from “Maelstrom” (Abyssgale, Cross Denied, Dodsferd, Ravencult, ex-Mortal Torment). A line up that shares the same point of view and delivers it through their last “Nadiwrath” effort. Prepare your filthy souls for pure nihilism, against all those “Two-Face Shit Fuckers” out there…

Standout tracks: “Winter Nights”, “There Is No Light”, “Memories Are Dead”, “Eyes Full Of Vengeance”, “Darkness Has Lost Its Meaning”


Track List Line Up
01. Darkeness Has Lost Its Meaning
02. Two Face Shit Fuckers
03. Horns
04. There Is No Light
05. Another Pimping Whore
06. Winter Nights
07. Eyes Full Of Vengeance
08. Memories Are Dead
Wrath – Vocals
Nadir – Guitar
Maelstrom – Drums

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