Forsaken Memoriam - Forsaken Memoriam A stoner rock band that made me headbang like crazy during their live performance @ Chania Rock Festival this year alongside Destruction, Blaze Bayley, Battleroar, Chronosphere and Core The Band, where their frontman Antonis as a man with balls performed his ass off with a cold (side note: a founding member of the Hear N Aid so more respect to him). This band is Forsaken Memoriam, with a style in the vein of Black Sabbath, Kyuss and some Pantera here and there.

Their first self-titled track kicks in with the crushing “Face Of War” which is mainly a heavy instrumental going into “Forsaken Memories” and its staccato headbanging riffage along with a kick ass chorus, that brings back memories about a month ago singing it along. What is made clear from the very first song is how tight this band is and Antonis’ burr, it’s amazing! “Another Taste (Easy)” has some psychedelic elements with some string instruments and piano then going groovy just to damage our necks a bit more. “Gambling Soul” comes up next to bring up the tempo of the record with another great chorus and awesome riffage meant to accompany the most killer times of drinking, gambling and whatever. Also there’s a small blues passage in this one that makes it delicious.

“Madman’s Joke” is another grooving number, only to speed up in the middle for a great solo! “Dizzy” is one of these songs that make you wanna feel dizzy while drinking pints of beer, shots of whiskey, tequila, you name it and go crazy! It also a pretty melodic solo section and a Pantera-influenced part right before the final chorus. “So Long Ago” keeps up the tempo and the attitude of the album, showing some backing vocals in the chorus. The flow of this album is worth mentioning, as if they strived to enjoy it so much themselves they wouldn’t release it if they didn’t loved it all the way. “Rainbow Of Grey” starts off with a drum intro going into a groovy/staccato track to end the record in a heavy note fading out.

No pansy bullshit here. This ain’t an album for jack-offs who don’t have the balls to buy a girl a drink because “it might sound wrong” or some shit like that. This is for the hellraising bar hanging rockers and ballsy people out there who aren’t afraid to live their lives with no regrets, accepting the consequences like adults and raising the middle finger to everybody who attempts to judge them. Who made me think of that epiloge you ask? Forsaken Memoriam of course! Wish you all the best guys, rock on!

Reviewer: John Savvidis

Track List Line Up
01. Face Of War
02. Forsaken Memories
03. Another Taste (Easy)
04. Gambling Soul
05. Madman’s Joke
06. Dizzy
07. So Long Ago
08. Rainbow Of Grey
Adonald – Bass Guitar/Vocals
Leonidas – Drums
Manos – Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals
Jesper – Rhythm Guitar