Rapture are a strong newcomer in the Greek underground Thrash scene. After a decent EP called “Gun Metal”, which we had the chance to review some time ago, the band decided to record a promo for their 2015 yet-unitled full-length album. This promo kicks in with “Unit Of Total Destruction” a fan-favorite all this time, since it’s a fierce and rabid Death/Thrash track that would make bands like Sadus and Slayer extremely proud. Also Apostolos doesn’t forget to show his love for the Death metal warmachines from UK (a.k.a. Bolt Thrower), taking into account that whenever he uses such vocals, it made me think Karl Willets might have a lost Greek son!

All jokes aside, there have been major improvements in terms of musical performance, originality and musicianship. “As Darkness Falls” starts off with a Slayer-esque riff and goes on a bit slower than the previous one but generally on the same style. It could have been a song of the “Gun Metal” EP, yet far more tight. And how couldn’t we mention the blistering cover on Deep Purple’s “Burn”. Just like Coroner did with Jimi Hendrix’s “Purple Haze”, Artillery with Nazareth’s “Razzamanazz” and Testament with Aerosmith’s “Nobody’s Fault”, Rapture dug into the 70s and covered one of the most recognisable Deep Purple tracks, the perfect way to end a great appetizer for the upcoming album.

Rapture show that they will claim a good share of the Greek Thrash metal audience. And this promo online release is the perfect indicator. Solid musicianship and performance in addition to the young age of the band members (around 16-18 years old), are sure to be a topic of discussion in the Greek Thrash metal scene! Cheers guys, keep it up!

Reviewer: John Savvidis

Track List Line Up
01. Unit Of Total Destruction
02. As Darkness Falls
03. Burn (Deep Purple Cover)
Apostolos Papadimitriou – Guitar, Vocals
Manolis Giagas – Guitars
Stamatis Petrou – Bass
George Tsavdaridis – Drums