PLANET OF ZEUS finally released their second video clip from their newest album “Loyal To The Pack”, for the song “Them Nights”.

The first video was an intense lyric video for “Loyal To The Pack” with catchy graphics by Bewild but “Them Nights” is another story.

Released on October 26th from their official YouTube channel, it quickly became the topic of discussion among the fans. “Them Nights” is a video clip produced by G.N.P. PRODUCTIONS and directed by the very talented Evan Maragkoudakis at Off The Cian club in Athens. In accordance and in perfect symphony to the sensitive nature of the song, the clip does not illustrate a party happening but another side of PLANET OF ZEUS’ singer, who successfully gets into the skin of the character’s inner demons.

Nobody should miss  this as it is one of the finest productions of the local ongoing scene!