Dear readers,

Grammy’s are finally over, Oscars are too by this time but I shall leave the latter to the experts. The chance for Metallica and Lady Gaga to elaborate together in the scene is a unique one, because, let’s be honest; Lady Gaga is a talented musician, even if you don’t like her music. But the techs in the awards managed to ruin the performance, closing James Hetfield’s microphone. What a shame! All these enforce my opinion that awards are nothing more than a cover to the true art out there. We didn’t need a Grammy to know which band or musician had a productive year, neither will the record’s sales ascent after the ceremony. Grammy awards are just a small party for record companies to walk like peacocks and stomp on each other over who manages artists better.

Im glad that music nowadays has expanded its wings. I don’t have anything against music companies, I respect some of them, but I do believe that fans, bands, musicians should focus on music rather than in economics and management. The dream of becoming a rockstar is dead and I think that its better this way.

But what about the dream to become a senate? Kid Rock is intrigued by the idea to represent Republicans in the upcoming Senate run and probably will do. Do you remember Kid Rock? It is the guy that became popular for releasing a lousy, modern-age rock re-do of Sweet Home Alabama, speaking about weed, beers, women and summers in American South. It was called ‘All Summer Long’. Now that he became viral using Lynyrd Skynyrd, Kid Rock felt the need to abuse his recent love for Donald Trump. The two possible outcomes are that he will either ruin his so-called career while involved in politics, or he will benefit from it, earning dollars for two generations. By the way, there was a time when Kid Rock was actually a…rapper, embracing music that has been brought to its golden age by African-Americans.

I feel sorry for Michigan if they ever vote for this brainless guy. His thirst for politics and money has exposed his lack of talent and inspiration, two unknown words for Kid Rock. Poor Lynyrd Skynyrd, if you ever knew that your song would become a medley for every so-called artist out there, you would choose to become shoe sellers.

My dear readers, I urge you to be smart. The line between political correctness in life generally and in art specifically is not a thin one; it has the size of an elephant. It’s our fault and only that Exarsis, for example, get blamed for being racist and fascists by depicting a Jew holding a bleeding Tanakh (a simile to religious extremism) but the numerous neo-fascist black metal bands of Greece that are openly supporting extremism against Jews are acceptable. This led to the fact that Naer Mataron’s Kaiadas is even included to a black metal documentary called Blackhearts, representing Greek black metal actually (and Golden Dawn too), while other greek black metal bands out there are even struggling finding the publicity they need to share their ideas and music.

What can I say, we totally live in a crazy world. Well, its March already and that’s gets us only one month away from a spectacular festival. Yes, I’m referring to Smoke The Fuzz Fest! Chelsea Wolfe, Amenra, Oathbreaker and Skull n Dawn will offer the greatest weekend of our life. Don’t forget to grab your tickets. There isn’t any second chance if you miss this gig; those bands probably will never perform all together in a two-day festival.

I hope you enjoy the beginning of springs my fellow demons. Always stay true and livid!


1) And all the girls say I’m pretty fly for a white guy

2) Papa Roach’s new songs are quite good. I can’t claim the same for Linkin Park.

3) I got dissed in twitter by claiming that La La Land is overrated, in a beautiful way. Damn, I get it, no Oscar-talking.

4) Corey Taylor, you may be a babbler, however I’m starting to like you. Not only you emerged in USA’s most promoted band, but you came back, creating a book that mocks the system that actually created you, in an intellect way. That’s another must-check book from a musician I would like to read in the future.

Till hell breaks loose again,