Principal Club, Thessaloniki, Greece 27.01.2018

On the occasion of the “Theories of Flight” tour, FATES WARNING return to Thessaloniki loaded with another great album and together with them, Italian progsters METHODICA standing on stage as the warm up act role for the tour. So, let’s just start with these crazy guys from Italy.

METHODICA, is a band that knows its game, which is of course modern progressive metal, the European way. This, of course, does not mean that they sound like somebody else whatsoever. They have their own sound and their compositions were quite interesting. With an almost 45-minutes long set, they tried successfully to gain our attention with their humor, and above all with their professionalism and performance. I’m sure that sometime in the near future it would be likely strange not to hear from these guys again.

As for FATES WARNING who came right next to the stage, I’m obliged by myself, to add some more information which I’m sure that are almost needless to mention, though I’ll do it anyway. FATES WARNING are one of the best progressive metal bands that still reign on top of their game, and have actually remained the one of the “Big three greats” that still release albums that are both equal to their legacy and of course contain new great songs that will follow them on their following tours.

With their latest album “Theories Of Flight” being still fresh, their live dates announcement in Greece on the occasion of its promo tour were welcomed with enthusiasm from their local fans. Plus, to the announcement of the great shows, we were spoiled with the information that all shows of the tour are being recorded for a future live release.

One thing, which meant three different ones, at the same time. First of all, the band is in performing shape equal to recording standards. Secondly, the set will probably contain hidden treasures from their entire back catalogue. And last but not least, an extended live set, of course. Well, dear readers, after attending this concert, I’m very happy to write that all of these three expectations came true…On the highest possible degree.

Performing a vast near two-hours set of their greatest songs FATES WARNING proved once again that are the tightest band of the genre. Well, at least from the bands that they are compared with. They have their own sound, all of their music and musicians outdo all of the attendant’s expectations. Their stage presence fitted their demanding music performances of course, but the audience got quite warmer when songs from the past kicked in, and to be honest not only at past “hits”. Warm and loud sing along was performed throughout the entire set.  Smiles and cheers from the band to the audience and vice versa were held throughout the show as well, making the experience even more unique.

With Joy Vera and Bobby Jarzombek being the pillars of their sound, Jim Matheos and Michael Adbow stunning us with their riffs and solos, and of course Ray Alder destroying our minds with their incredible vocal melodies and lyrics.
An absolutely amazing set of great songs, with the oldest coming from their album “No Exit” up to their latest release “ Theories of Flight”, they fulfilled all of our expectations.

If there’s anything bad to say for this night, that would be the awfully loud sound on the venue, which resulted on our ears’ tinnitus. But its metal after all, it has to be loud!!!

Jim, Ray, Joey, Bob, Michael already looking forward to our next meeting!!!
Thank you for another perfect day!