IMPURE WILHELMINA have been creating music on the border between rockand metal for over 20 years. Founded by vocalist and guitarist Michael Schindl and his brother David on drums in 1996, the band from Geneva made a strong impact with their self-released debut album ‘Afraid’ (1999), which saw the Swiss being regarded on the same level with compatriots such as NOSTROMO and KNUT from the local metallic hardcore scene.

The band has set “Radiation” as the title of their forthcoming album which is going to be released on July 7th via Season Of Mist.

The song “Torn” is premiering in Greece exclusively by METALPATHS and can be heard below.

Band comments: “We have chosen ‘Torn’ as the second track to be premiered from our forthcoming album ‘Radiation’ as it comes with a nice build-up. A guitar and drum intro is followed by a heavy mid-tempo verse, while all along the intensity is steadily increasing until culminating in a crushing finale. The lyrics revolve around the feeling of being out of place, a need for solitude, and the sensation of being torn apart between two sets of minds or even two worlds. This compulsive schizophrenia that is induced by modern life can become destructive, but we try to use it as a vehicle for artistic creativity.