The Heavy Rock Of The Bright Side

The German newborn stoner rock trio KALAMATA are returning to Greece and we grabbed the chance to chat with the bassist of the band Maik Blümke.

Would you like to introduce yourself to our readers?

We’re three guys from Hildesheim and started the band around 4 years ago. First Olly and Peter started jamming. Me and Olly had a band before where I played the guitar. I joined them for this project and switched to bass. We wrote our first songs pretty fast, recorded the first album and went on our first tour. It happened all very fast and we are very happy with all the good feedback that we get from people. We never thought this all would happen and are very grateful for the opportunity to tour and play at so many places.

You have recorded two albums until now, “You” (2014) and “Disruption” (2017). What has your band gained and what has it lost during those three years?

I think we lost sometimes the time for just jamming around, but with all the concerts we definitely gained a lot of memories, new friends and skills. Also we know better what we want and what we don´t need.

The music in “Disruption” apart from heavy psychedelic rock also features some progressive rock parts. Did you plan this or did it occur naturally due to your evolution as musicians?

Everything happened more or less naturally. Everything grows how it comes. Sometimes even we don´t know how a song will evolve, we just let it happen.

Would you place your music on the dark side or the bright side?

I would place it on the bright side. But when you have dark moments, the music fits very well too!

If you could choose to record a soundtrack for a movie, what kind of movie would that be and who would you like to direct that?

Good question. Never thought about that. I think it would be a slow movie, with significant pictures, maybe black and white. And the director? Maybe a co production with Jim Jarmush, the Coen Brothers and Masaki Kobayashi.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Out of crying, laughing and dancing. Good food and drinks pay the rest.

What are your ambitions as a band?

To be creative without thinking so much about it.

Would you ever use a vocalist? If you would, would you prefer female or male vocals for your music?

We thought about to use vocals lika an instrument. With effects and stuff. But also other instruments like sax and synths are an option. I think we are looking every time for new ways in making music and writing the next album. But primary we want to stay an instrumental band in future.

You will be performing four shows in Greece on February. You have also performed three times again during the last four years in Greece. What keeps you coming back year after year?

Every show in Greece were unforgettable. Besides Greece is such a beautiful country, the people we met were so lovely, hospitable and gave us the feeling of really enjoying the shows. We definitely come back as long they want us to come!

What should the new attendees of these shows expect from you?

We will be the first time in Greece with our own equipment. So it will be more our own sound. Besides we made a experimental video for a screen projection. We think everything will be more intensive.

Which Greek band would you like to jam with?

I really like the traditional Greek music like Rosa Eskenasi, Chronis Aidonidis and many more. I think a jam night with these and 1000 Mods, 45 Rats and Naxatras would be a blast!

Which is the track that has the crowd grooving most in your concerts?

My and Mother most of the time.

Thank you for taking the time to answer our questions! You may close this interview the way you want…

Thank you Achileas! We are so proud to be in Greece again soon. We are hoping everybody will enjoy the concerts and have a good night with us!