Dear readers,

A lot of stuff have happened since the last time I wrote an inferno. First of all, Smoke the Fuzz fest happened and I had the chance to watch both Amenra and Chelsea Wolfe in a weekend. This fest is considered, almost, in my top five experiences in this filthy life. I mean Amenra man. You just can’t make a better show than these guys. They give you goosebumps from minute one to the end of the concert.

Bobby fucking Liebling got arrested. I am referring to Bobby fucking Liebling, the legend. It wasn’t a rock n roll arrest though. You know, he could kill someone because he offended his band, or kill someone in the name of Satan, or kill someone who violated a cat, but Bobby choose to beat up his mom, a elderly woman, unable to defend herself. This is not a rock n roll way to get your ass in jail Bobby! You know what are reflected via Bobby’s action? Drugs. He must have been so high at that point, or maybe drunk, because I think he, always, seems to be stoned whenever I see his face in the internet. Worse thing in this story is that Pentagram get to tour without him. Poor guys.

With mother’s day way passed, I guess Bobby Liebling just needs to plead guilty and, then, seek professional help with everything that troubles him. Just imagine him participating in public services. His face would be the incarnation of the phrase ‘Rock n Roll is dead’.

Rock n Roll may be dead (or not) but Manowar are not. No shit, Ghost’s Papa Emeritus 893789478932 went rampage on an interview about metal generally but also about Manowar. DO THEY STILL FIGHT AN IMAGINARY WAR?  Yes they do, unfortunately. Well, don’t get me wrong. I don’t agree with this guy’s views about metal and pop. I just agree with his opinion about Manowar. Manowar are a shitty band created for boys in their puberty to feel men and for fat men in their 40s to feel fanatical about something. ‘Oh no Sludger all those words are not that politically correct’, someone would say. They are not, I answer, but this is the truth and I didn’t even mention how metalheads that are nationalists view Manowar.

Damn, I bet many would curse me right now. ‘Die hipster’, they will shout. Or maybe ‘die fake metalhead’. Hey, at least I don’t wear leather underwear and cover myself with oil for album covers, but Manowar do. It’s 2017. Get over them. There metal bands’ pool is not consisted of ten bands anymore, but thousands of decent ones. Seek them out. They need your attention and support.

With summer coming and the heat ready to strike, I just can’t stop thinking of Stoner rock records and songs. I have recently found out about a band that is called Mammoth Mammoth. They play modern stoner rock and they are really good. I mean they really rock and I have never listened to a single song of theirs in the past. I regret it. They also originate from Australia. I guess that country did not stop with AC/DC and kangaroos.

Why do we people often relate seasons with specific music? I relate the Greek, hot summers with stoner rock and Nightstalker, while winter with Paradise Lost. Yes, mostly Paradise Lost. They also plan to release another record this year and as a Holmes’ fanboy (please, please don’t fuck you voice up in this one), I can’t help myself but be thrilled about it.

Stay Pagan, not vegan,



1) Since I did not get political in this article, I urge myself to do it now: Fuck Trump

2) My great ambition is to do music comedy in youtube. How easy would it be to move inferno in visual format?

3) ‘Children of the Sun’ must be the catchiest and most famous song that a Greek band has ever created. That’s a fact. ‘We gonna live forever…’

4) You can’t do a Hellboy reboot without Ron Perlman. You can’t even conceive it in your mind. By the way, have you ever seen Ron Perlman young? He is terrifying.

5) I have already composed this article when I was informed Chris Cornell’s death by suicide. There are currently no words I can describe his contribution to music and how talented he was. Make sure to enjoy his records so as to ensure that Chris will live forever. He deserves it.