[colored_box color=”yellow”]“Music itself is timeless and ageless and we are just conduits of the groove. We are just here to facilitate that groove and bring it to your hearts and ears”[/colored_box]

Royal  Southern Brotherhood

On occasion of the arrival of blues rock supergroup “Royal Southern Brotherhood” to Greece, Metalpaths had the honor to talk with Devon Alman (vocals and guitar) and discuss the Blues Music Awards, the unique show they prepare to give to Athens and their future plans.

– Sofia Theodorou

How would you describe the band , musically, to someone who doesn’t know you already? Tell us a few words.

RSB is a mixture of Soul, Blues, Rock, Funk and other feels and spirits. It’s linky, soulful and a lot of fun.

How did Royal Southern Brotherhood come together?

Our manager managed me (Devon Alman) and also Cyril Neville and Mike Zito. They thought it might be cool to have a band with both an Alman and Neville together. They were right. The mix of styles really works.

We may say that you brought back the good old southern blues rock and established a new brand. But, apart from America, are people into the blues music these days from your experience?

Blues is very much under the radar but it finds the right 20120713_0115-copyears. There are blues lovers and blues based festivals all over the planet. We are very blessed to play most of them.

Devon Allman, Cyrill Neville , Mike Zito , Charlie Wooton and Yonrico Scott. Five gigantic performers..highly experienced musicians. True artists. Real frontmen! Has it always been easy to blend your characters ,ideals, ideas and tastes of music into creating a new era for blues rock music?

It was pretty effortless. Because first and foremost the music comes before the individual.

Tell me a bit about the songwriting. Is it a common effort?

We write songs together, Individually, teamed up in pairs… How ever it can be done, we do it. We jam a lot at soundcheck on tour and record it to later take those skeleton ideas and flesh them out.

There is a significant difference between the band members age. Except from the experience what else you gain from each other?

Music itself is timeless and ageless and we are just conduits of the groove. We are just here to facilitate that groove and bring it to your hearts and ears. We gain by making that music every time we make that music together.

In the past year you nominated by Blues Music Award in the ‘Rock Blues Album’ category and this year in the ‘DVD of the Year’ category, you won it. How do accept this success?

With the humble grace. We are very blessed. We are living our dreams.

Apart from winning so significant awards, how does it feel for all of you to watch Royal Southern Brotherhood be at the top of so many charts?

It’s like floating on a cloud made from the breasts of beautiful women.

…and what other highlights can you single out since the creation of the band?

The whole ride is a highlight


What are your major musical influences? Is there someone you can really distinguish amongst others for crucially affecting your music style?

We love James Brown, Miles Daves, Curtis Mayfield, Jaco, The Stones and many others

You are often represented by the media as a “superband”! Honestly now, what are your feelings about it?

We are just a band and its not a place to refer to ourselves as “Super”.

Since the creation of Royal Southern Brotherhood, you’ve been on the road, touring and storming the world. The endless touring signifies that RSB is a priority to all of you. However, how do you cope with that? Don’t you miss home?

All the time. But people need music in their soul. We are philanthropists.

What’s the feedback you have received so far regarding Royal Southern Brotherhood?

That people believe in real music again.

Reading the title of your new album “Heartsoulblood” and after listening to it , I’ve come to the conclusion that you have put your heart, soul and blood into this particular album. Is that so?

What do you think? 🙂

Tell us a few words about the band’s plans for the future?

More of the same. Record. Tour. Play from the heart for all the hearts.devonallmanindex2

Last but not least, in only a few days we’ll be honored to have you here in Athens for a show as part of your world tour. Will we be hearing a lot from your latest album? What should Athenian fans expect?

You will hear most of the new album and dome of the first record and some fun surprises. You can expect massive amounts of energy and passion. Get ready to dance.

Finally, it was a great pleasure and absolutely an honor having this interview with you… Give a message to your Greek fans!!!

We have never played to Greece. We are so excited and humbled to play in Athens. Spread the word. One love.